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The Island: Castaway 2 (iOs) Review

“Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip…”

Those of you who have played the first The Island: Castaway game already know what awaits them in this sequel – a tropical island sim that has you collecting bananas, going fishing, shooting birds, and talking to the tribesmen in a vibrant and colorful island paradise. Of course, nothing is ever as it seems at first glance, and this beautiful island is no exception. Who knows what dangers lurk in the forest, and what mysteries lie in the island’s path?

In The Island: Castaway 2, gamers play as a young orphan boy named Yati. The old adage that it takes a village to raise a child couldn’t be more true in his case, as in the absence of parents he was raised by the whole tribe. Unfortunately, Yati has been having disturbing visions and dreams, and even blacking out on occasion. Now it is time for Yati to search – both for who he wants to be, and for the secrets of his island and his tribe. As more and more of the island is uncovered, so is more of the past laid bare.

As you begin the game, Yati is given the task of figuring out what he wants to do with his life. In order to figure things out, Yati must travel around the island, performing tasks for other tribespeople and talking to many who will help him make the decision. Like any young boy, Yati is hungry often – so one of your major tasks is to ensure that Yati gets fed regularly. If you wait too long to eat, he will pass out and lose some of the items in his bag.

Fortunately, there is food aplenty on this tropical island. Fruit trees abound, and most of them will have a couple pieces of fruit on the ground beneath them that is easily collected. As in real life, though, fruit is not very filling and you’ll need a lot of it to fill Yati’s stomach. As you advance in the game, you’ll learn recipes from various people that will fill him up quickly. To cook, you must find a campfire and have all of the ingredients needed to create the dish. From there, it’s a simple matter of pressing “make” to add a new delight to your bag.

As you advance, you’ll also collect new tools and talents that will ensure Yati is well fed. From a net to catch multipedes (crabs) to a bow and arrow for leap quicks (birds), capturing animals help make a tasty and filling meal. Capturing the animals is really easy, as is gathering fruit. Your biggest challenge will be managing the slots in your bag. Each different item – even a recipe such as cooked fish – needs its own slot in the bag. Once a slot is taken, it can hold up to twenty of an item before it is full. Your time on the island soon becomes a balancing act of collecting the proper items you need for recipes and such without overburdening your bag.

While it can be fun to just travel around the island picking up food and capturing small animals, it gets pretty repetitive without a story to give it all purpose. In The Island: Castaway 2, you are able uncover different areas on the island as you advance in the story, and learn more of the island’s past at the same time. The characters are often quirky and have distinct personalities, which adds interest and purpose and serves to give meaning to your actions.

Overall, The Island: Castaway 2 is a well put together game that offers vibrant and colorful environments, with equally colorful characters to interact with. The story line is engaging and interesting, and the gameplay is casual and fun. It’s a great game for players of all ages and skill levels that offers hours of fun on the go.

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