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Chaos Code to get Western Release for Playstation 3

Chaos Code, an arcade Beat ’em up published by Arc System Works, is to get a western release via Playstation Network.

Developed by FK Digital, the game was originally released for Sega’s RingWide arcade system board on August 4, 2011, it was then ported to the Playstation 3 on December 19, 2012, via HK PSN, and got a Japanese release on April 3, 2013.

Although no announcement has been made yet, it is up on the Playstion Store and has its own website running, where it is shown to be “coming soon,” which is pretty vague.

The console version will feature a training mode, Versus mode, Gallery mode, as well as additional characters, and balance adjustments. I’m a fan of both Blazblue and Guilty Gears, so if Arc System Works have given this game its blessing by publishing it, then there’s definitely reason for me to be optimistic for Chaos Code.

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