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More Pikmin unveiled in Nintendo’s latest video

The newest Pikmin 3 footage gives us a glimpse into what types of pikmin we will be seeing in this game.

Pikmin 3 is looking as good as ever in the latest video showcasing pikmin types that will appear in the title.We start off with the blue type, which can survive both on land and in the water. Shortly after the description you’re given a glimpse as to how its abilities work as you see it dragging fruit or attacking a creature in the water.

Next is the red pikmin; these guys are considered much more cut throat in battle than other pikmin, and can withstand being in fire. You are then shown how well they can take down enemies, including one that spits fire at them. They’re undeterred by the flames they are being doused in.

Yellow pikmin are resistant to electricity and can be thrown at longer distances than other types. In the video you can seem a bunch of them latching on to a foe that appears to be surrounded by electricity; once they are launched at him they don’t die on impact. They also display their ability to be launched at far distances as they are tossed above a large ledge, taking a cherry down with them.

Rock pikmin are the heavier of the various types, and can be used to destroy crystal walls. They are seen relentlessly attacking a giant bug like enemy and taking down a crystal obstruction.

Winged pikmin, as previously shown before, can fly and carry objects over water as well as being able to lift obstructions up.

Pikmin 3 will hit stores July 27th in Europe and August 4th in North America.

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