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Wii U basic model out at GameStop

US game retail shop GameStop is ‘recalling’ the 8GB version of the console.

So why the recall? Well, for starters the 8GB set (the Basic Model) isn’t nearly as desirable as its 32GB big brother, which comes loaded with quite a bit more value for its $50 more in cost. Secondly, Nintendo just announced a 32 gig ‘Premium Set’ which is basically the same as the 32GB Deluxe Set- only in white instead of black.

So is Nintendo just swapping the white Basic Set for the white Premium Set? If they are, it’s only in the US as the company has confirmed that the Wii U Basic isn’t being discontinued all together, only recalled in parts of the world to better balance stock. Also kind of interesting is that the recall at GameStop is set to begin one week after the Nintendo Direct that’s taking the place of the software/hardware giant’s E3 press conference on June 18th. So that might very well mean that the Big N will be announcing further plans for the 8GB Basic Set then and there.

It is a bit of a mystery where the Deluxe Set fits in with all this ‘premium’ and ‘basic’ talk as of now to be honest. With it being the same or very similar to the Premium, does it even need to exist at all? With E3 coming up rapidly (in two weeks), there’s no doubt that we’ll be hearing plenty more about all of the above and more from Nintendo.

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  1. Christopher Deleanides

    Yeah, just heard about this. I was almost going to go out and get one until I heard the news. Also, Target’s sale for Wii U basic is over right around the time of this announcement, interestingly enough. The price has gone back up from $240 to $300 again. The games are also $60 again, as opposed to the pretty decent price of $40. What a shame, I only had enough money for it when the sale was going on.

  2. Ah that sucks Chris. I know GameStop is still selling refurb’s for $279 if that helps you at all.

  3. Christopher Deleanides

    Yeah, it was a real let down. Guess I’ll have to wait even longer. So they’re selling refurbs for $279? Sounds good. Are refurbs typically pretty reliable? As long as one works, I’ll gladly buy it.

  4. They can be. I’ve had good luck with them and bought a PS2 and original Xbox off of GS at the tail end of last gen- they both worked fine and I think you get some kind of guarantee… unless I’m way off there, but I don’t think I am. Just make sure before you buy!

  5. Christopher Deleanides

    Good idea, I’ll definitely ask them about it before buying. If I can find a refurb, then I’m poised to be getting a Wii U very soon.

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