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Games Radar Weekly Roundup: 6/1/2013

Hey everyone, this week we’ve got some interesting stuff in the shape of ideas on how to reinvent the modern fps with CoD: Ghosts, 6 exclusive sequels that the new Xbox One needs, and some dissection of the new Sonic: Lost Word trailer.

CoD (and fps) fans have been getting the same schtick for years: pew pew, headshot, kd ratio, etc. Personally, I tend to stay away from fps multiplayer because 1. I suck, and 2. it’s not fun, regardless of suckage. Conversely, I also suck at fighting games, but I find them fun. What’s the correlation? Making the game more fun, with more ways to enjoy it. If you add in extra mini-games or fun set-pieces into a shooter, give it consequences for doing or not doing something, etc you can revitalize a very stagnant genre. And yes, making an enjoyable, quality story in an fps is something I think is necessary, and certainly doable. Look at Half Life and Counter Strike.

Despite all of the nerdraging (and epic-level butthurt) from people in the internet concerning the Xbox One, I (and it seems a few others as well) think it’s going to be successful…with the right games. Personally, I think it’ll do just fine as an entertainment system; but for gamers, it’s in sore need of some interesting exclusives to satiate gamers. GR has listed quite a few good ones; and with the type of gameplay the majority of them have, they’d work as XBLA-equivalent titles. I’m one of the few people who thinks a kinect-enabled, more arade-y Fusion Frenzy sequel would serve the box well. Or we could just wait for a new Daniel Steger game (Baby Maker Extreme 3 would sell a console, I’m sure of it).

Finally, we have a dissection of the new Sonic Lost World trailer. I’ve never been a fan of the modern Sonic games, and even a bit sketchy with the originals. It just seems weird to have the empahsis on his speed, and then add in these really boring, clunky, slow sections of gameplay that drag on and on. But if the trailer is any indication, it seems to have leveled out the pacing curve quite a bit; I think this is the first Sonic title I’m actually interested in playing. Now I just need to hope and pray it eventually finds its way to PC (because I’m not buying a WiiU just for this).

That’s all for this week. Stay frosty!

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