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BioShock Infinite HeroClix announced

Irrational Games and WizKids announced a brand new set of BioShock Infinite tabletop gaming figurines today. Surprise- they’re pretty awesome.

WizKids has made some very cool stuff over the last few years with their HeroClix brand. The tabletop gaming company has put out offerings for everything from Halo to Marvel and DC ‘Clix in the past and these little guys are almost as fun to just collect as they are to play the actual game with. I loved ’em and rabidly collected their comic book themed lines for a while… actually, I still have a Sentinel from X-Men standing on my desk.

To put it mildly, I love these things. And to that end, I’m just north of excited about the just announced BoShock Infinite: HeroClix figurines. WizKids is planning the usual starter kit along with an expanded line that’ll include a bunch of the characters from the game.

The starter kit is set to contain everything you need to get a game started (surprise!), including:

…six exclusive figures along with Powers and Abilities Cards, two special maps, Object and Terrain tokens, dice and HeroClix Core Rulebook. Collectible figures included in the Starter Pack are Booker DeWitt, Elizabeth, Automated Stallion, Daisy Fitzroy, Flakman and Handyman.

There’s also a special ‘Gravity Feed’ set that includes 2 dozen more figures. That box will include figures of Father Comstock, Booker & Elizabeth (in one), and a Motorized Patriot among others. BioShock Infinite: HeroClix are available now for preorder and are expected to be ready for buyin’ sometime this Summer.

For more info about the line, or to preorder, click here.

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