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The Bridge Direct starts hinting at SDCC Hobbit exclusive

The toymaker has the exclusive rights to produce toys and action figures based on the new Hobbit trilogy that’ll see its second film released this Holiday season. The Bridge Direct also has a secret exclusive inbound for SDCC this July- want a hint as to what it is? Read on…

With the sheer amount of characters in Peter Jackson’s adaptations of the book, there are a ton of choices for an exclusive release. So far, Bridge is mum on the subject, but they’ve started releasing little hints on both their facebook and Twitter pages to egg fans on and get them in on the guessing game.

And this isn’t all tell and no show either, as the company promises the chance to actually win one of the sure to be hot as Smaug’s breath figures some time down the line. All the clues that they’ll be releasing will come via social media (as will the ‘big reveal’), so if you haven’t already, you might want to go and ‘like‘ and/or ‘follow‘ The Bridge Direct asap.

Stay tuned Hobbit fans…

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  1. Thanks man for this but personally do you know who this is? Thanks mate

  2. Nope. I’m picturing something like a clear version of Bilbo, but we don’t have any info yet on just who it might be.

  3. Jason they’re not doing any other Bilbo’s or invisible versions of him anymore for SDCC but they have given clues to who it may: Clue 1 ”always one step ahead”. So if you might know who this actual figure is then send your thoughts and guesses to them and you will actually be able to receive the SDCC exclusive but only if you guess right, and here are some good guesses from me that might be good possibilities which are Saruman,Galadriel,Elrond,Frodo or Sauron. So would you agree on one of those?

  4. Jason i hope you didn’t think i was rude there did you?

  5. No, not at all man! I didn’t actually see your comment, or I would have gotten back to you- I never skip a chance to talk Hobbit 😉

  6. Oh okay thank you and that’s great and any more news that you know from BD? and Smaug as well, what’s happening with him?

  7. Yep, we actually learned that the 2013 SDCC figure is going to be Azog the Orc commander. He’s a 7″ figure and will include an alternate hand with the head of the dwarf king in it 🙂 We don’t have an official release on that yet so stay tuned for some pics when we get ’em!

  8. Yep cool man but can you definitely guarantee Smaug will be actually made in action figure?! Thanks Jason

  9. I personally haven’t heard anything about a Smaug figure. That said, I’d be shocked if there wasn’t one available in some form.

  10. Yeah you should be but there has been recent indication from them hasn’t there? i mean i’m sure they will but what plans do they have for Wave 3 and 4 then?

  11. I haven’t heard anything about a 3rd or 4th (or 5th, etc…) wave for Desolation of Smaug either, but I’m sure there’ll be more figures than what Bridge has announced so far. Even if a Smaug doesn’t get made this time around, remember that there’s another movie to go after this one, so the chance is still pretty good we’ll see him at some point!

  12. Yeah true dude but you said there will maybe more figures than what BD has announced so far so you’re implying that there is more to come for Wave 2? and stoked for what’s to come at SDCC this July as they will probably release details and new information on the next few waves, i should imagine just to keep us in the loop. Smaug in 3.75 scale i’m sure will happen as BD has given recent indication about it on numerous occasions. Thanks again Jason and look forward to hearing more from you when you get more info from BD!

  13. Jason are you implying that there are more figures to come than already announced in Wave 2? Thanks Jason

  14. Jason please answer!

  15. It’s just an observation, and though I’m sure that BD will have more Hobbit toys past wave 2 of Smaug, I don’t know anything about it for sure. That said, I just can’t imagine that we won’t see the big guy at some point soon since the second film is named after him!
    As soon as we find out exactly what’s on the way, we’ll have it posted here on BG – so stay tuned!

  16. Answered below dude 😉

  17. Okay sorry mate!

  18. Okay mate and of course you were just being optimistic about the Wave 2 line in general (which is a good thing), I can also imagine a later date for when Smaug come’s out, maybe for Wave 3 or 4 but when i imagine the next assortment i can see: 3.75 Scale figures, Master of LakeTown, Smaug, Galadriel, Elrond, MirkWood soldier, and others for the single line, also for the 2-pack range i can see: Saruman and Gandalf, King Thranduil and Legolas, Moria Orc and Warg, and more for that, but for the 6′ line i just don’t have any ideas about but hopefully some of those Dwarves like what the BD fans wanted. Thanks mate and hopefully you can forward these assortment ideas to BD please!

  19. Hey also something i found from TheHobbitCentral.com Wave 2 second update topic page it says something about Smaug here:”Unfortunately without the greenlight from the studios, The Bridge Direct cannot show images of Smaug just yet, but expect images to surface as DOS release date nears”. Also glad i could help!

  20. Cool man, that’s pretty much a confirmation as far as I’m concerned 😀

  21. Yep well but i think that Bilbo who runs that site has like some sort of a connection to BD or relation. But he probably does work for BD as he knew who the SDCC exclusive was and told me before it was actually announced, much to my disappointment, it was not Smaug! But he will probably be released hopefully with Wave 2 so we don’t have to wait longer. Thanks mate and glad i could help!

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