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Gentle Giant bookends your library

Walking Dead and Wolverine fans take note- a pair of new bookends were put up for preorder by Gentle Giant today.

Honestly, these newest creations by statue-maker Gentle Giant could be just that- statuary. They’re certainly cool enough and look to be just as detailed as many of the higher end statues on the market. These guys do serve a double purpose though. Aside from just looking cool, they also will keep your books (or graphic novels, or games, etc…) in line. And let me tell you, an unruly book is not something you want in your home- let alone a whole bunch of them!

First and foremost, the Marvel Wolverine Bookends. Wolverine’s been one of Marvel’s signature characters for over forty years now. With a new movie coming out this summer, plus the already-frothing anticipation for next year’s X-Men: Days of Future Past, not to mention the plethora of Avengers and X-Men titles featuring him, James “Wolverine” Howlett’s popularity is at an all-time high. Being lifelong fans of the X-Men ourselves, we decided to go the classic route with this new piece, featuring the comic book version in his current yellow-and-blue uniform, rather than featuring the likeness of the guy from Les Mis. <insert obligatory Wolverine/Catwoman/Gladiator movie joke here>

Speaking of wildly popular, did you see how the midseason premiere absolutely shattered ratings records? Unbelievable. The Walking Dead is absolutely one of the hottest shows on television right now, and it shows absolutely zero signs of slowing down. That’s one of the main reasons why we’re so excited to announce our new Walking Dead Logo bookends! Since we’re soliciting them now, they should be ready just in time for the Season 4 premiere, which will re-break all of the records TWD just broke again, I’m sure.

Wolvie will run you $129.99 USD  while the grasping hands of doom will cost you a cool $89.99 USD, both are expected to arrive in quarter 3 of this year

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