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The Goon movie Kickstarter enters final week

The crowd funding campaign for Dark Horse Comics’ The Goon is wrapping up this week and the big guy still needs a little help to make it to the silver screen.

Basically, a lot of folks have already put a ton of work into The Goon and the Kickstarter campaign is how they’re hoping to get things finished and on the way to theaters. See, making an animated feature ain’t cheap.

After investing hundreds of thousands of their own money and countless hours of effort, the team has opted to reach out to “The Goon” fanbase, comic book lovers, the movie industry, and frankly anyone with a pulse willing to donate, with a Kickstarter campaign to take their development efforts to the next level.

“The Goon” Movie Proof of Concept Trailer from Goon Kickstarter on Vimeo.

Recognize those voices? That’s Clancy Brown of Superman: The Animated Series (among other things) fame as The Goon and Paul Giamatti as his little pal Franky. That’s pretty god all by itself, but the film to be also has David Fincher and Blur studios attached and has already generated all kinds of ‘buzz’ in H-town.

So if that’s true, why does it need the Kickstarter? The answer is as easy as it is disappointing: it’s set to be a ‘PG-13′ level film in the ratings department. Apparently that’s a no-no for many a Hollywood-ite as they view animated features aimed at older audiences too hard to market/sell.

Wanna show ’em they’re wrong? Head over to The Goon’s Kickstarter page and plunk down some support in the form of some dollars. It just might be the only way for the big lug to get to the movies- and that couldn’t possibly be anything but a positive. After all, them zombies ain’t gonna twist their own heads off, y’know?

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