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Carmageddon Free On iOS Today Only

Want free Carmageddon?  Better be quick.

Carmageddon has made it’s way on to iOS today, and to celebrate that fact, it will be free for today only.  From tomorrow, it will be available at a sale price of £1.49, before going up to whatever it’s full price is going to be at a later date.

The new version of the game is developed by the original developers, Stainless Games, and is a full, red blooded version, as opposed to the censored version released in the UK back in the day with green blooded zombies.

Co-founder and CEO of Stainless, Patrick Buckland, said “We’re really delighted with the results of our hard work on updating the original game for the new generation of touchscreen devices,” added Stainless co-founder and executive director Neil ‘Nobby’ Barnden. “The gameplay has been improved over the original. And as well as recapturing the ‘feel’ of the original game’s PC and Mac controls, we’ve been able to add intuitive gesture commands and choice of editable control methods.”

If you had any interest in the original game, you’d be mad not to download this for free.

Source: Eurogamer

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