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Brutal Gamer to Launch New Video Series

It’s been being plugged here and there for a week or two, but the big announcement about the new video series Brutal Gamer is doing is finally here!

Starting early next week, Brutal Gamer is set to launch it’s new mini video review series entitled ‘Game Bytes’.  This video series will be produced and edited by Brutal Gamer US staff writer Mike Deneen. Mike previously launched a mini video review series earlier in his career and is excited to do it again.

The concept is simple; a 15 minute look at the mechanics, concept and execution of a game.  The video will also include commentary by Mike D (and could possibly feature others as well!) as he goes over his thoughts of the game, the game play, mechanics, etc…

Why the short length? To give the viewer a to-the-point idea of the game, without making it too long so as to not bore or drag on.  Mike will be adding his own blend of brutal (*ahem*) humor too; but don’t worry, these are serious looks at the games in question and the laughs won’t get ridiculous or too much (unless it calls for it ;)).

Mike received a lot of help from other sources as well.  He has fellow writer Troy Benedict  to thank for the name of the show, Mike’s wife and graphic artist Laurel helped come up with the design, and one of Minnesota’s finest hip hop producers, Ali Elabbady came up with original sounds for the intro/outro music for the show (we’re particularly stoked to have him on board!).

All video from PS3s and Xbox 360s will be recorded on the Roxio Game Capture HD Pro. We want to give a big thank you and shout out to Roxio for sponsoring the show and providing us the equipment.  All PC gaming will be recorded using FRAPS.

The series is set to launch twice a month, with one show featuring a newer game, the other episode to feature an older one.  Episode one is already recorded and will be looking at the game Worms: Revolution.  Episode two is up for vote.  The games we are looking at are between Star Wars Kinect (Xbox 360) or Wing Commander 3 (PS1).  We’d love to hear your vote in the comments below.

We look forward to seeing the launch of this series soon, and we hope you do too.  Expect to see the first episode early next week!

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