Mad Max_Boxshot_ENG-SPA

E3 2015: New Mad Max trailer rings hell’s bells

Mad Max And AC/DC, a match made in hell.
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Call of Duty welcomes in fan and NFL pro Marshawn Lynch

Yes, Marshawn Lynch will be co-starring in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. Yes… that Marshawn Lynch.
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Torchlight_Mobile 03

Hack’n Slash classic Torchlight comes to mobiles with new title

Well, this one kind of came out of nowhere, but is certainly a welcome sight. Torchlight is heading to mobile platforms.
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Tales from the Borderlands ep 3 unnamed

Tales from the Borderlands Ep 3 catches a ride towards June release

The next episode of Tales from the Borderlands is coming sooner than you think.
Posted 17 Jun 2015 | Mac, News, PC, PS Vita, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One | 0 Comments

Survey shows TV still leads how we get our news coverage

With the release this week of The Newsroom Season 3 an interesting news item came our way about a how TV still leads for how Brits get their news. Considering the small amount of E3 coverage on TV this week if you’re a fan of social media this might be…
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Halo Escalation 19 cover

Halo: Escalation #19 (Comics) Review

Halsey and Jul are on the trail of a Forerunner artifact of tremendous power, and it’s up to a team of Spartans to stop them. Oh, and a scientist. And… an Elite?
Posted 17 Jun 2015 | Comics, Comics & Graphic Novels, News, Reviews | 0 Comments

Nintendo 3DS passes 15 million units sold in the US

Success for the latest in the Nintendo handheld gaming line, but the 3DS is nonetheless not performing as well as its predecessors.
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E3 2015: Super Mario Maker Demo @ Best Buy June 17 and 20th

Hey Nintendo fans! Don’t forget that you can try the Super Mario Maker (Wii U) demo at  Best Buy.
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Kingdom hearts 3


Fans have been waiting to hear more about Kingdom Hearts 3, and  this new trailer gives us a taste of the storyline, and gameplay.
Posted 16 Jun 2015 | E3, Expo, Featured Articles, industry, News, PS4, Sony, Xbox One | 0 Comments
conan the avenger 15

Conan The Avenger #15 (Comics) Review

Crom! The barbarian and his lady come face to face with the horror that lives deep within the city of Xuthal.
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Mother Russia Bleeds

E3 2015: Mother Russia Bleeds… a lot in this new trailer

One of the games highlighted from Devolver Digital and shown off at the Sony E3 press event yesterday, Mother Russia Bleeds is an old school brawler, with buckets of gore, and weirdness aplenty.
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COD Black Ops 3_PS4_2D-Box_Front_RGB

E3 2015: Black Ops III multiplayer details released and DLC coming to PlayStation first

Call of Duty is switching sides; premiering DLC on the Xbox platform for a few years now, one of the most popular shooters in existence will instead be offering PlayStation gamers the chance to download first.
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Nintendo is celebrating 30 amazing years of their most popular franchise Super Mario.
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E3 2015 Ubisoft deliver delights and distress all in one show!

Well, let me first say, Ubi really have topped themselves after last years E3, that is for certain, jammed packed this year with more content than ever, new releases, teasers, demos, what more could you ask for seriously? As an avid Ubi fangirl, i am slightly biased, but this year…
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Bloodshot Reborn #3 (Comics) Review

Bloodshot returns to form more than ever in the third issue of Bloodshot Reborn, and finds that there’s a bigger menace among the public than he had thought.
Posted 16 Jun 2015 | Comics, Comics & Graphic Novels, News, Reviews | 0 Comments
TriFrce E3 sale

If you like awesome stuff, check out Project TriForce’s E3 sale

Celebrating the biggest gaming event of the year with sale prices on some of the most awesome gaming collectibles out there, Project TriForce has a pretty solid sale happening right now.
Posted 16 Jun 2015 | Collectables, Deals, News, past | 0 Comments
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