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Nintendo Outlines the Toy-Cons of LABO

Nintendo unveilled a few new features of the upcoming make-and-play concept that it unveilled in January. Toy-Con Garage: The Toy-Con Garage is a feature included with each LABO kit. This presumably includes those that have yet to be announced. The Garage, as explained in a press email from Nintendo, is …

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Mighty Thor #705 (Comics) Preview

The Death of the Mighty Thor is in full swing, and Jane Foster isn’t much longer for the Marvel Universe. It might be a little anti-climactic at this point, but she’ll pick up Mjolnir for the last time in Mighty Thor #705.

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Hellboy and the B.P.R.D.:1955–Burning Season (Comic) Review

Hellboy investigates Port Orange in Florida, 1955, where a spate of spontaneous human combustions have plagued the area. The one-shot is a tight little tale that’s got artwork telling more than the story itself. It’s a good read and I believe it takes a more pacifist approach to usual Hellboy …

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Attack On Titan (Manga) Chapter 102 Discussion

Attack on Titan

Chapter 102 of Attack On Titan titled “It’s too late” brought the beginnings of the war between Marley and Paradis Island. The following is discussion, reflection and interpretation of the events of this latest Attack On Titan chapter. Spoilers are guaranteed so it’s best to catch up first and then …

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