Marvel revives the original Star Wars story with new graphic novel

A blast from the past, Marvel Comics revisits their first go at the Star Wars universe, from way back when the franchise was new.
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Microsoft kills off Kinect for the PC… kind of

Microsoft won’t be selling Kinect for the PC any longer, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to wave your arms around on your personal computer. You know, if that’s your bag.
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GTAV online heists

GTA Heists get a loaded TV spot- comments, questions, concerns?

When Grand Theft Auto V lands on the PC, it’ll come packing the online Heists mode. And if that mode looks anything like this commercial, then it might be the mode du jour for PC gamers.
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Book of Death

Valiant’s newest crossover may prove deadly for its biggest characters

Not one to shy away from shaking things up in a major way, Valiant Comics is about to welcome in the Book of Death.
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Quantum Break packshot

Quantum Break breaks for 2016, as the game is the latest delay into next year

One of the bigger games on the way for the Xbox One, Remedy’s Quantum Break is officially a game of 2016.
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Diamond lists a bunch of new items, including Batman, Predator, Ant-Man and more

Plenty to like from Diamond Select Toys coming up in the next few months, and all of which has just been listed in Previews magazine.
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Age of Wonders III expansion

Check out 20 mins of new Age of Wonders III expansion gameplay

The new Frostling and Necromancer play the stars in this new gameplay video from the all-new expansion pack for Age of Wonders III.
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Star Trek Green Lantern

The crew of the Enterprise meet the Green Lantern Corps this Summer

One of the strangest crossover events set up for this coming Summer is also one of the most oddly fitting.
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Farscape Peacekeeper Wars (Blu-ray) Review

Astronaut John Crichton (Ben Browder) was conducting an experiment, is sucked down a wormhole and arrives in another part of the universe filled with alien lifeforms. In The Peacekeeper Wars we see the end to his story.
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Outcast poster

Outcast (Blu Ray) Review

Hayden Christensen and Nicholas Cage star as washed-up Crusaders in this tale of royal betrayal set in middle ages China.
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Mars Fire Ignite! Sailor Mars is known for her everlasting passion, and she was voiced by Katie Griffin in the original English dub of Sailor Moon.
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Fantastic 4 ends with a packed issue this month

The final issue featuring Marvel’s first family is almost here, but will it signal a hiatus, or a permanent end for the team?
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OSome releases pair of dev diaries for White Night

Go behind the scenes of the stylish survival-horror game White Night in these new developer diaries.
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Boxboy and some Nintendo classics hit the eShop this week

Hot on the heels of the most recent Nintendo Direct, the company has a whole bunch of new stuff posted to the eShop and ready for download. There’s a little old and a little new in this one.
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Sony Acquired 140 Cloud Gaming Patents from OnLive’s Closure

Sony acquired 140 cloud gaming patents following the closure of OnLive. OnLive┬áconfirmed that will terminate service on April 30th. Subscriptions for users will be refunded and all gaming services will be online until the end of April. Following an optimistic launch in 2009, OnLive failed to live up to success…
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spirits of xanadu cover

Spirits of Xanadu (PC) Review

Spirits of Xanadu is an interesting take on a familiar genre.
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