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The truth returns in 2016 as new X-Files teaser arrives

Fox’ new X-Files mini-series is on the way and a new teaser has just enough to get you guessing about what it’ll have in store.
Posted 17 Jul 2015 | Movies & TV, News | 0 Comments

Graaaaah! Chewbacca series in the works at Marvel

Marvel promises lots of heart and plenty of action for the first ever solo book starring everybody’s favorite walking carpet.
Posted 17 Jul 2015 | Comics, News | 0 Comments
Blaster Master

Blaster Master debuts on the eShop in this week’s Nintendo Download

Well this is a nice surprise indeed- the original Blaster Master is back and available on the Wii U.
Posted 17 Jul 2015 | 3DS, News, Nintendo, Wii U | 0 Comments
You can grab some serious ordinance from downed foes

Deadpool returns to Steam on the PC

As mysteriously as it disappeared, Wade Wilson’s game has returned to the PC.
Posted 17 Jul 2015 | Comics, industry, News, PC | 0 Comments
NECA SDCC 2015 650h-Jungle_Hunter_With_LED

NECA debuts new Alien, Predator, Pacific Rim and more

As usual, NECA debuted a bunch of awesome action figures at this past Comic Con, all of which you’re probably going to want to add to your collection.
Posted 16 Jul 2015 | Action Figures and Toys, News, SDCC | 0 Comments
Atari - Atari Console

Atari inks publishing deal with Dynamite Comics

Now this is cool; Atari and Dynamite are poised to launch into a new agreement that will result in a series of retrospective hardcover books, comics and more.
Posted 16 Jul 2015 | Comics, News | 0 Comments

Cross your fingers, Gearbox is pursuing a new Duke Nukem game

Yes, Duke Forever was a flop and took a critical drubbing, but that isn’t going to stop Gearbox from trying again- or looking for someone else who might want to give the next game in the series a go.
Posted 16 Jul 2015 | industry, News | 0 Comments
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Star Wars Uprising revealed, takes the Galaxy mobile once again

The newest Star Wars title to debut on mobiles, Star Wars Uprising, will feature a deep set of customization options in a story that takes place between the last Trilogy and the new one.
Posted 16 Jul 2015 | Android, Apple, Movies & TV, News | 0 Comments
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Dead Island 2 publisher Deep Silver parts ways with developer

What’s exactly happening with Dead Island 2′s development?
Posted 16 Jul 2015 | industry, News, PC, PS4, Xbox One | 0 Comments

Book of Death #2 is round #1 for Eternal Warrior vs Unity

Gilad’s insistance that the Geomancer isn’t behind the recent string of massacres in the US brings him head-to-head with his teammates on Unity in issue #2 of Book of Death.
Posted 16 Jul 2015 | Comics, News | 0 Comments
Warhammer 40k Inquisitor Martyr

Neocore Games announces Warhammer 40k: Inquisitor – Martyr

An all-new action RPG set int he Warhammer 40k universe, and coming from the makers of the Van Helsing trilogy, is on the way to consoles and the PC.
Posted 16 Jul 2015 | Mac, News, past, PC, PS4, Xbox One | 0 Comments
Warhammer 40k Final Liberation

Classic Warhammer gaming abounds on GOG

New to this week are a trio of Warhammer games from decades past, all of which I had totally forgotten about.
Posted 16 Jul 2015 | News, PC | 0 Comments
Shenmue Kickstarter

Shenmue 3 might not get a physical release

So this one’s kind of interesting, considering what’s promised in the Kickstarter campaign, but Shenmue 3 on the PS4 might not be getting a physical release.
Posted 16 Jul 2015 | industry, News | 0 Comments
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PlayStation Now Beta Begins in the UK

UK PlayStation owners finally get to test out the PlayStation Now. Beta for the service began today and is available to all of the UK. The service is starting off with rentals rather than a similar subscription service like in the US. When Sony first started testing PS Now in…
Posted 15 Jul 2015 | industry, News, Sony | 0 Comments
Guitar Hero Live tracks 714

It’s tracklist update time for Guitar Hero Live

Activision has unleashed a brand new set of songs that’ll be playable in the campaign mode for the upcoming Guitar Hero Live.
Posted 15 Jul 2015 | News, PS3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One | 0 Comments
Halo The Master Chief Collection box

Microsoft celebrates some galactic sales figures for the Halo franchise

Halo is a popular series, massively so as the total sales numbers for the franchise have topped 65 million copies.
Posted 15 Jul 2015 | Microsoft, News, SDCC, Xbox 360, Xbox One | 0 Comments
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