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Heart&Slash (PC & Mac) Review


Heart&Slash: Another entry into a thriving genre Roguelikes are a genre that have made a tremendous comeback in recent years. After several sleeper hits in 2011 and 2012, the concept behind Roguelikes have been revived and experimented on. Heart&Slash is the most recent in a very long line of Roguelikes …

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Kingsway West #1 (Comic) Review


Kingsway West is an interesting, if a bit underwhelming introduction to the Kingsway universe. What is present in this first installment is interesting and fun, but I really couldn’t help but wish for some clearer art, more direct writing, and a less obvious attempt at a cliffhanger. Obvious plotlines: Kingsway …

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Zombie Night Terror (PC) Review


How many big budget zombie games til now, have not been focused on fighting against zombies? Well, you can count them on your hand. While many zombie games (with almost similar concept) came and gone, Zombie Night Terror is the game where you can finally fight be the apocalypse.   …

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Evolve Stage 2 (PC) Review


Evolve lives up to its name. When it first came out in 2015, Evolve was a fairly controversial game. This was mainly due to the fact that the amount of DLC and microtransactions the game had was nothing short of absurd. Turtle Rock was more focused on advertising the DLC …

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Boku no Hero Academia Review


Hello internet, and welcome to something new on Brutal Gamer. This week I will be reviewing the recently finished first season of Boku no Hero Academia. This presents the immediate problem of fans accusing me of parade raining one of the highest rated anime series currently. Then finding out where …

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