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Redeemer (PC) Review

Redeemer is a brutal, top down, ultra-violent beat ’em up. You will be punching, kicking, stabbing, bashing, shooting and impaling people of all shapes and sizes. And loving every minute of it. The Story of Redemption Redeemer puts you in the robes and trainers of Vasily. Who has quite an …

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Pokemon Red (Game Boy) Retro Review

Pokémon Red first entered the scene in February of 1996 in Japan. The game would go on to shift genres and introduce generations of players to the basic ideas and gameplay behind Japanese Role Playing Games, or JRPGs. Red was only preceded by the prototype seeming Pokémon Green. More than …

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The Ancient Magus’ Bride (Anime) Review

“The Ancient Magus’ Bride” is a phenomenal opening act, setting up what could be a legendary series with a generally well paced compilation film. Story and Characters The story follows Hatori Chise, a young girl who has sold herself into slavery after losing the will to live. Transported from Japan …

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