Hellboy and the BPRD alt cover

Hellboy and the BPRD go on their first mission in Dark Horse’s newest Mignola-led series

The Hellboy universe expands once again as creator Mike Mignola takes the character back to his first ever mission with a young B.P.R.D.
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Hands on with the conspiratorial Majestic Nights for the PC

Majestic Nights is an upcoming episodic action-thriller from Epiphany Games that takes gamers back to the 1980s and asks the question- what if all those conspiracy theories were true?
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Life is Feudal:Your Own Impressions

Life is Feudal:Your Own is, in essence, a medieval life simulator. You spend your time doing menial tasks like logging trees, mining stones and precious metals, gathering herbs, farming, excavating, and terra-forming. So why is it one of the top selling games on Steam?
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Over 9k Zombies logo

Hands on with Over 9k Zombies! on the PC (that’s a lot of hands)

Let’s get the obvious joke over with. Over nine-thousand zombies? That’s not possible!!!!!! Okay, are you happy now? On with the preview.
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EGX Hands-On: Induction

A game of time travel and causality.
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EGX Hands-On: Battlefield Hardline

A look at the next game in the Battlefield franchise.
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EGX Hands-On: Poncho

A little robot’s quest to find his father.
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EGX Hands-On: Never Alone

The story of a girl and her white fox.
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EGX Hands-On: Minutes

A look at a somewhat different take on the ‘bullet hell’ game.
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EGX Hands-On: The Marvellous Miss Take

Robbed by the elite?  Get your own back.
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EGX Hands-On: LittleBigPlanet 3

Sackboy and friends come to the next generation for some platforming fun.
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Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers 20th Anniversary Edition – First Impressions

As a gamer, if you ever want to feel old, like me, just wait until one of the games you remember playing as a teenager gets a 20th anniversary re-release.
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Clockwork Empires (PC) Preview

A look at what happens when Victorians meet fishmen.
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Aliens: Fire and Stone begins the xenomorphic leg of Dark Horse’s latest crossover event

The Fire and Stone min-series event will tie together Prometheus, Aliens, AvP, and Predator before all is said and done. Here in Aliens: Fire And Stone #1 though, it’s all about the xeno.
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The Red Solstice (PC) Preview

Even though it’s still very much in early access, you should not expect Red Solstice to be that great of a game when complete. Created by IronWard Studios, this is a top down squad shooter in the vein of Warhammer, space marines and all. It’s been in early access since…
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Sunday Review: The BG Archive for the week of 8/18/14

For late Summer, there was no shortage of stuff going on this past week! We had news from all around the industry as well as some big reviews of the games of August including Metro Redux and Risen 3.
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