Zen brings on the droids in their newest Star Wars Pinball: Heroes Within trailer

Actually make that Jawas, droids, and one slick looking table.
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Sunday Review: The Brutal Gamer Archive for the week of 4/7/14

Plenty of DVD and game reviews landed on BG this week, but the highlights of the week that was were clearly the announcement of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel and updates on incoming titles like Etherium, The Crew, and Hotline Miami 2.
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Fables episode 3

The Wolf Among Us: episode 3 out now for consoles and PC

What many are calling a high-note for the inaugural season of Telltale’s Fables: A Wolf Among Us has finally arrived.
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Introducing The PewDiePew Humble Weekly Bundle

PewDiePew celebrates a milestone by saving the children.
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Tex Murphy - Tesla Effect Molten Silhouette

PIece together your past with this new Tex Murphy trailer

Tex Murphy is a gumshoe out of time in Tesla Effect, but can the perennially down on his luck PI figure out what’s kept him in the dark for the past 7 years?
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Indie Royale Launches The Atomic Bundle

It will apparently be ‘creating nuclear fission in your home’.
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TESO Imperial_Salute_1391767102

The Elder Scrolls Online goes to Craglorn for its first post-launch content

Bethesda’s already massive (pardon the pun) MMO The Elder Scrolls Online is about to get even bigger thanks to an expansion into the realm of Craglorn.
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the elder scrolls online

The Elder Scrolls wages war online from today

Bethesda’s MMO adaptation of the long-running The Elder Scrolls series of RPG’s is available now. Warning- gorgeous CGI trailer inside.
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Indie Royale Release The Florida Bundle

Six of the best.  Plus one future bonus game.
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Not A Hero - Teaser Art

Not a Hero crusades in the weird world of 2 1/4D

What’s 2 1/4D, you ask? Well, it’s kind of like 2D and kind of like isometric view, but splits the difference between the two for a play experience that developer Roll7 calls ISO-Slant. Cover shooters never looked so slant-tastic.
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The Last Tinker: City of Colors (Mac) Preview

Lose yourself in the colorful city of Tinkertown.
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Shadowrun online

Shadowrun Online hacks into Steam Early Access

Cliffhanger Productions’ Kickstarted online Shadowrun title will be making its way to Steam’s Early Access section in just a few days time. Check out Cliffhanger Productions Co-Founder, Jan Wagner in today’s dev doc as he talks about what you can expect going forward.
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Moebius hero shot

Preorder Moebius on GOG and get a lengthy demo to tide you over till launch

Fans of Jane Jensen are eagerly awaiting the release of her newest adventure title Moebius, and now you can get an early start if you preorder the game from DRM-free retailer
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Star Wars Pinball Heroes Within logo

Star Wars Pinball: Heroes Within making the jump to download services soon

Zen Studios has announced that the next in their series of excellent Star Wars themed table sets will be on the way to consoles, mobiles, and the PC soon. To mark the occasion, we’ve smuggled in a look at the Han Solo table, which you can find post-jump (to light…
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1954 Alcatraz

Daedalic’s 1954 Alcatraz locks up the PC

A graphic adventure where choices matter brings a little film-noire sensibility to the point and click scene.
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Van Helsing differences

Van Helsing II stakes a release date as new info emerges

NeoCore Games’ sequel to The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing finally has a release date and lots more, as the studio releases info about the big differences between the first game and the sequel and preorder availability.
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