The Flame in the Flood

The Flame in the Flood Reaches its Kickstarter Goal

Good news for the indie developer The Molasses Flood. Their Kickstarter for The Flame in the Flood met its goal today with twenty-three days left. With this big news the developers have added stretch goals to meet some desired features, such as translations for other languages as well as a…
Posted 14 Oct 2014 | Indie, industry, Mac, News, PC | 5 Comments
Space Hulk Ascension

Looking forward to Space Hulk: Ascension? Check out the new dev diary just released

Full Control’s digital board game didn’t do it for you? Then you might be a heck of a to more interested in Space Hulk: Ascension, which is less a digital conversion of the actual tabletop game and more a full-on turn-based, RPG.
Posted 13 Oct 2014 | Mac, News, PC | 0 Comments

EGX Hands-On: Induction

A game of time travel and causality.
Posted 08 Oct 2014 | Expo, Mac, PC, Preview | 0 Comments
GOG new look

GOG goes to Hollywood for DRM-free movies

Unrestrictive online gaming retailer has made the move into offering movies. And guess what? They’re DRM-free.
Posted 28 Aug 2014 | industry, Mac, News, PC | 0 Comments

Get a good look at Titan Souls in the new gameplay trailer for Acid Nerve’s roguelike

Ready for some tough action in a fantasy land filled with giant monsters?
Posted 25 Aug 2014 | Mac, News, PAX, PC, PS Vita, PS4 | 0 Comments
Kyn Logo

Vikings meet magic in Tangrin’s new RPG Kyn

Viking culture has sort of slipped underneath the radar in gaming, but developer Tangrin Entertainment has a little something to say about that.
Posted 25 Aug 2014 | Mac, News, PC | 0 Comments

Sunday Review: The BG Archive for the week of 8/18/14

For late Summer, there was no shortage of stuff going on this past week! We had news from all around the industry as well as some big reviews of the games of August including Metro Redux and Risen 3.
The Walking Dead No Going Back

The Walking Dead Season 2 finale coming next week

Ready to be emotionally scarred by Telltale’s masterful adventure game series one more time?
Posted 21 Aug 2014 | Android, Apple, Mac, News, PC, PS3, Xbox 360 | 0 Comments
Shadowgate logo

Shadowgate opens its doors on Steam

The tough-as-nails remake of the classic NES title Shadowgate has arrived for PC gamers.
Posted 21 Aug 2014 | Mac, News, PC | 0 Comments
DIR-880L_Side Right (black)

D-Link Wireless AC1900 (Hardware) Review

D-Link brings a router to market with the Wireless AC1900 that promises top shelf streaming and gaming, with mobile interaction by way of its own cloud.
Posted 18 Aug 2014 | Hardware, Mac, News, past, PC, Reviews, technology | 0 Comments
Dead Island 2 X1 box

Sunday Review: The BG Archive for the week of 8/11/14

Lots and lots of Gamescom coverage hit BG this past week, along with reviews of Ultra Street Fighter IV and more.

Gamescom 2014: Crytek opens the Arena of Fate

The arena battler with Robin Hood, Achilles, and Little Red Riding Hood gives gamers a better look at gameplay.
Posted 15 Aug 2014 | Mac, News, PC | 0 Comments

Be a Jellyfish In ‘Deep Under The Sky’

Ever wanted to play an ‘alien jellyfish documentary’ game?  Now’s you chance.
Posted 15 Aug 2014 | Indie, Mac, News, PC | 0 Comments
Shadowgate logo

Shadowgate racks up the player kills in new trailer

You know a game is going to be tough when there’s a trailer titled ‘Your Death’.
Posted 14 Aug 2014 | Mac, News, PC | 0 Comments
Assassin's Creed Rogue _packshot_X360_2D_UK_provisional

Sunday Review: The BG Archive for the week of 8/4/14

The calm before the Gamescom storm this coming week saw news about Resident Evil and Sleeping Dogs updates break along with the reveal of Assassin’s Creed: Rogue and our reviews of Sacred 3, The Last of Us Remastered, and a whole mess of DVDs.
STRIKE M complete shot

MadCatz announces the S.T.R.I.K.E.M wireless keyboard

The newest addition to the S.T.R.I.K.E. line of keyboards is a wireless unit that’s got an eye towards mobility.
Posted 06 Aug 2014 | Android, Mac, News, PC | 0 Comments
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