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Zubmariner DLC for Sunless Sea Enters Beta


Zubmariner DLC makes a splash into beta The Zubmariner DLC was announced for the indie game Sunless Sea back in 2015. Sunless Sea was well received for its eerily atmosphere and stories on a dark sea, full of possibility and danger. It was a unique blend of creepiness, hints of …

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Breached (PC) Review


Beautiful and valiant, but insubstantial. Beautiful and valiant, but insubstantial. While the majority of video games nowadays heavily focus on combat, there is a dedicated subset that is attempting to move away from that. Games that focus on story, exploration, and traveling through worlds that have obstacles that cannot be …

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‘TurnOn’ the indie title from Brainy Studios is available


[email protected] brings the indie title “TurnOn” from the Russian-based developing team at Brainy Studios. This four-man team of developers created a world without any light. A massive blackout has effected an entire planet and has left its citizens without any electricity or light. All hope was lost until a falling …

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