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Starbound Exits Early Access with Version 1.0


Starbound finally lifts off. Starbound was one of the first games to enter Steam’s Early Access when it first came out. For two and a half years it has been in development, starting in December of 2013.  Its initial development has gone back even further, starting in 2011.  There has …

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Life is Strange Coming to Mac and Linux

Life is Strange Coming to Mac and Linux

Life is Strange arrives on Steam and is, finally, available on Mac and Linux. The captivating time-bender contains five episodes, with the first being currently free. Developed by Dontnod Entertainment and published by Square Enix, Life is Strange garnered nothing but praise upon its release. The episodic series tackles real world issues in combination …

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Prog.1 (PC & Mac) Review


What is  Prog.1? Platformers are one of the oldest types of games that exist, as well as the most iconic. Ever since Mario debuted on the NES in 1985, platforms have been part of the face of gaming. Hundreds if not thousands of platformers have been created over the years, …

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System Shock Demo Preview


A strong opening and a strong demo As of the time of writing, the reboot of System Shock is nearing its kickstarter goal. It seems to be on the fast track to success, despite three weeks still being left to collect funds. The reboot to the cult classic has not …

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Zubmariner DLC for Sunless Sea Enters Beta


Zubmariner DLC makes a splash into beta The Zubmariner DLC was announced for the indie game Sunless Sea back in 2015. Sunless Sea was well received for its eerily atmosphere and stories on a dark sea, full of possibility and danger. It was a unique blend of creepiness, hints of …

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Breached (PC) Review


Beautiful and valiant, but insubstantial. Beautiful and valiant, but insubstantial. While the majority of video games nowadays heavily focus on combat, there is a dedicated subset that is attempting to move away from that. Games that focus on story, exploration, and traveling through worlds that have obstacles that cannot be …

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‘TurnOn’ the indie title from Brainy Studios is available


[email protected] brings the indie title “TurnOn” from the Russian-based developing team at Brainy Studios. This four-man team of developers created a world without any light. A massive blackout has effected an entire planet and has left its citizens without any electricity or light. All hope was lost until a falling …

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