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Halloween-themed event earns twice the Candies in Pokemon Go


It’s trick-or-treat time with the new Halloween-themed Pokemon Go event. Starting Wednesday, October 26, players will start seeing spooky creatures throughout their Pokemon journeys. Trainers will experience a higher encounter rate with the following creepy creatures: Drowzee, Gastly, Gengar, Golbat, Haunter, Hypno, Zubat and more. The Niantic is also providing …

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Tempest Expansion Avaliable for Endless Legend


Tempest brings Endless Legend into uncharted waters. Endless Legend and expansions go hand and hand. There have been half a dozen for the game in total, three major and three minor.  The major expansions add a great deal, two of them having added new factions. Tempest, the latest major expansion, …

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Zubmariner DLC out for Sunless Sea


Delve into the Depths with Zubmariner Fans of Sunless Sea who have long been awaiting the released of the Zubmariner DLC have had their patience rewarded, as it is officially out. Sunless Sea is set in the underground world of the Neath and the sea that lies within it, the …

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Sprays Now Monetized


Sprays in CS:GO now have a price tag. Sprays are an interesting thing in online shooters. You don’t always see them, they’ve become a noticeable staple of the genre. Recently, Valve has introduced a new system around sprays in Counter-Strike: Global Offense that has monetized it. Sprays now only have …

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Jackbox Party Pack 3 Release Dates Confirmed


The latest Jackbox Party Pack is just around the corner. The Jackbox Party Pack is a fairly successful collection of party games that started releasing a couple of years ago. Recently, the dates for the next installment in the series was announced. On nearly all platforms, it will be released …

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The Rabbit And The Owl (PC) Preview

The Rabbit and the Owl

The Rabbit and the Owl is a co-op puzzle-platformer by Formal Sheep studio which introduces a negative space landscape. Puzzle-platformer games are one of the oldest genres in all of video games. It’s also one of the most popular genres among casual as well as hardcore gamers. And why not?!! They …

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Prison Architect Updated for the Final Time


The gates are slamming shut on Prion Architect, in a good way. Initially one of the very first Early Access games on Steam, Prison Architect recently received its final update. This closes the book on six years of development for Prison Architect.  Six years that continued even after Early Access. …

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Abatron (PC) Preview


A combination of two very different genres. It’s always fascinating to watch a developer explore uncharted territory. To see brand new ideas be put into action, games spring up around them, and the landscape of the medium grow. Abatron is one of these games. It is currently in a stage …

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Upcoming Right of Man DLC for Europa Universalis IV


Paradox Interactive’s latest DLC pack is on the way Yesterday, a new DLC pack, titled Rights of Man, was announced for the Grand Strategy game Europa Universalis IV. Paradox is well known for releasing massive amounts of DLC for its game, so this rather expected. After all, there are now …

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Heart&Slash (PC & Mac) Review


Heart&Slash: Another entry into a thriving genre Roguelikes are a genre that have made a tremendous comeback in recent years. After several sleeper hits in 2011 and 2012, the concept behind Roguelikes have been revived and experimented on. Heart&Slash is the most recent in a very long line of Roguelikes …

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