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Mezco’s take on classic film monsters is coming, with all the terrifying trimmings

Toy-maker Mezco has a monstrous bent to its latest announcement, as in film monsters. A set of iconic silver-screen beasts is on the way in 2022.

Fire bad!

If you missed out on what’s been Mezco Toyz’ latest sensation, it’s the retro-themed 5 Points series. “5 points” of course, refers to the points of articulation, much like some of the biggest action figure lines of the 1980’s.

But while the articulation is retro, the sculpts sure aren’t. As you can see here, the sculpting on these figures is impressive, and feature Mezco’s own take on these monsters.

  • Dracula – He feasts on the blood of the living! Undead, centuries-old, and a Vampire Lord, Dracula transforms into a giant vampire bat with his included Bat-transformation accessory.
  • Frankenstein’s Monster – Warn the villagers! Assembled from parts of the dead and brought to life through science, Frankenstein’s Monster terrorizes the town. Frankenstein’s Monster features a removable skullcap that exposes his abnormal brain and a stone block with a shackled chain that attaches to his leg.
  • Mummy – Heed the Mummy’s Curse! Awoken from his eternal rest by those who disturbed his chamber and ignored warning, the Mummy now seeks revenge. The Mummy comes complete with artifacts from his burial chambers and a cursed scroll.
  • Sea Creature – The prehistoric fish-man of legend. Quite possibly the last of his kind, this scaly-skinned amphibious humanoid dwells alone in the murky waters of the deep. The Sea Creature comes with a Sea Creature fossilized head and two different seaweed accessories that attach to his body.
  • Werewolf – Beware the full moon! When the moon is full and high, those who are ‘marked’ will turn into a wolf and hunt their prey. The Werewolf comes with the bloody bones of his fallen victims.


The fun here doesn’t stop with the figures, as cool as they are. There’s a heck of a lot more to this set. Yes, there are a bunch of accessories, but there’s also a diorama. And it’s a killer.

The dio stands 18″tall when fully assembled, and has two sides fit for immediate display. It also looks like a crumbling castle, which is particularly cool for a certain corner of monsters fans, since it’s reminiscent of a certain famous castle from the world of video games. And that structure was home to a wide array of monsters as well.

Oh, and if you can’t tell from the images, this isn’t just some image to stand behind your figures. This diorama has several levels to it, and you can pose your figures on it, how you see fit.

The set is ready for ore-ordering right now, and is priced in at $95 USD. It’s set to ship out some time in March through May of next year.

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