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Tony Stark to step back into the Iron Man armor this fall

Iron Man is back… again. Arno’s Iron Man 2020 might be starring as the armored Avenger right now, but Tony Stark’s return is imminent.

New beginning

Ready for another re-launch? Marvel Comics sure is, as they plan September’s new Iron Man series. The new revision of the book will see the return of the main man himself, Tony Stark, to the Iron Man role. But things are a little different this time.

Not only will Stark be returning, but he’s got a renewed focus. Gone will be an almost ‘magical’ suit of techno armor, and in its place will be a more mechanical, classic look. An iconically-styled look with quite a pedigree at that too, since it comes from the mind of one Alex Ross.

Christopher Cantrell will be writing the new book, which will be simply called “Iron Man”, with art from Cafu.

“I’m over the moon about getting a shot at writing the Golden Avenger. Since Bob Layton’s art in the 1980s captured my imagination as a kid, I’ve been fascinated by Iron Man, and in this new story run I’m aiming to explore the question: who should Iron Man be today? An angel? A god? Or just a humble man?” said Cantwell. “Tony’s going to try and strip the idea of Iron Man all the way down to its metal core, something that will constantly be at odds with his giant ego. We’ll see if he can truly keep his arrogant self-image in check, even as others with god complexes set their sights on the entire universe.”

Christopher Cantrell

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