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Fourth 2019 Marvel event announced – Acts of Evil

We might now know what the mysterious 4th event for this year will be. Acts of Evil is a series of annuals that unmistakably calls back to a classic.

Evil vengeance

Most longtime Marvel fans probably immediately thought of ‘Acts of Vengeance’ when they saw ‘Acts of Evil’ in the title of this article. It’s kind of tough not to, since the names are so similar.

The classic Marvel Comics event saw villains from across the Marvel U come together to get, well, vengeance on the heroes of the world. The series of stories was fairly line-wide, seeing publication in the tail end of 1989 and the start of ’90.

The plot centered on Loki creating a super-team of baddies to take down their longtime foes. What was particularly cool about it was that the heroes and villains were odd matches. According to the wiki, AoV also resulted in the creation of the Tri-Sentinel, which has been seen recently in the pages of The Amazing Spider-Man. Interesting to note that.

It’s unknown what, if anything Acts of Evil has to do with that older plot however. There’s no mention of Loki, though the setup is almost identical otherwise.

“You know what everyone says is worse than the devil? The devil you don’t know!” teases editor Kathleen Wisneski. “For ACTS OF EVIL, Marvel is pitting our heroes against villains they’ll never see coming, and we’ve lined up creative teams with fresh takes on these characters to make sure our fans are just as blindsided. So readers should steel themselves! And make sure they don’t miss the launch of the next legendary rivalry, or hints at a supervillain’s next masterstroke…”

Marvel Comics press release

So does this solve a mystery?

Acts of Evil begins with Ms. Marvel Annual #1: Ms. Marvel Vs. Super Skrull, Punisher Annual #1: Punisher Vs. Brood Queen, and Venom Annual #1: Venom Vs. Lady Hellbender. Those are set to arrive in August, leading into more scheduled for that month and September.

Yes, August and September. If you recall the publishing schedule we showed you a while ago, then you know that that doesn’t fit with the mysterious blacked out 4th “event” in December.

It’s entirely possible that this will turn out to be linked to something else though. I could see Acts leading into a bigger mini-series to round out the year. As of now though, you’re guess is as good as anyone’s.

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