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Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition goes all out action in new trailer

Looking better than ever, Bulletstorm re-tells its story in this new, action-packed, story trailer.

Full Clip… though not for long

Bulletstorm was a very pleasant surprise indeed when it dropped back in 2011. Loaded up with action and humor, the game won over many a gamer, including me. I know it looks all serious in that trailer. But Bulletstorm itself is actually full of funny moments. And I mean actually funny moments, not cringe-worthy stuff. I have to admit too, that even though I played the game quite a bit, I’m tempted to dive back in.

Yes, it’s sort of the same game, but it looks better  than ever. And hey, it’s got Duke Nukem, who almost gives the game a new experience. Is that not reason enough to give it another go? Of course, there’s the chance too that this might be a release aimed at gauging interest in a full sequel. Which yeah, count me in for that.

Even if that’s not the case though, this is another shot for gamers to play one of the coolest FPS’ of the Xbox 360/PS3 era. Give it a shot when Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition lands on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC (via Steam) on April 7th.

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