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Crash Bandicoot returns with the N Sane Trilogy on PS4

Remember those three Crash Bandicoot remakes we told you about? Well here’s a look at them in action and some details.

Crash revisited

Not too shabby, huh? No, it’s not a new game by any means, but fans have been left without anything that felt like a part of the classic Crash series for years. So honestly, it’s as welcome a ‘remastered’ edition as there could be.

Well, it is for me anyway. I’m a pretty big fan of the original PlayStation Crash trilogy from Naughty Dog. As you might imagine though, it’s not ND behind this collection, but developer Vicarious Visions. And it certainly seems as though they’re doing a bang-up job.

The new edition is loaded for bear, with “brand-new lighting, animations, environments and recreated cinematics—all in stunning “N. Hanced Fur-K” and PS4 Pro HD”. And, jokes aside, it’s a mighty pretty platformer.

You want upgrades beside the looks? Yep, there are some. Namely, you’ll get full analog stick support this time around, which is a big time upgrade if you remember the digital pad controls from the originals. Add to that a “unified” save and checkpoint system (yay, no memory cards!) and “improved bonus levels and time trials”, and you’ve got a very nice sounding set.

Personally, I can’t wait. But again, I loves me some Crash Bandicoot.

Look for the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy on the PS4 some time in 2017. It’ll run you $39.99 USD and is available right now for pre-order.

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