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The Force Awakens toys might have a midnight launch

Happy May the 4th, in exactly four months you’ll more than likely be lining up at your local Toys R Us for Star Wars: The Force Awakens action figures.

This past weekend, the packaging for The Force Awakens toys was released. You can check out the set here on JediInsider.com. It’s nothing more than a stand-in shell, generic in design, but it gives you a good idea of what the entire line will look like when Hasbro’s newest series’ of Star Wars toys hits the shelves.

It actually looks pretty cool too, and keeps with the theme of one major character (in this case it’s Kylo Ren) lording over the box on the upper right corner, while a light saber provides a nice glow to give the box art some color and pop.  It’s nothing you haven’t seen before, but it nicely sets the stage for the toys that’ll be filling those boxes… and filling the shelves of toy collectors and kids come this September.

Yes, though the film doesn’t arrive till December 18th, it looks like the toys will come to stores much sooner than that. Specifically, September 4th is the date that’s been revealed, and it certainly seems like a midnight launch will come along with them as there’s a time-stamp on these too- that of 12am.

I can’t remember if the second two prequel films had one, but I distinctly remember hitting a midnight launch for the original prequel movie’s toys at my local Toys R Us. And as much as I didn’t like that set of movies, I did have a lot of fun heading out to TRU in the wee hours and grabbing some cool figures. Well, at the time I thought they were cool.

Anyway, what do you say, up for a midnight trip to the toy shop this Fall?

Source: JediInsider.com

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