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E3: 2014 Assassins Creed Unity Co-op mode Video released

Well, a little earlier then the show, Ubisoft have released a 5 minute video on the game play of Assassins Creed Unity Co-op mode. This is first time we have seen anything like this in the actual game itself, not part of the multi-player mode. Not only does this video allow you to see the fluid movements of¬†Arnaud, but it shows you the improved battle mechanics and sneakily introduces a brand new stealth weapon… The Phantom Blade.

Rumours ahead are also stating the new customisation options, allowing more freedom in skills levels and attire for your assassin. This will mean each player can up the levels of their own personal skill set, and carry on these settings into the Co-op mode. Playing along side the story missions, this will give players the chance to take a break from missions alone and join friends, or simply something to do when the story is over. the options are endless. And with this next gen AC Ubisoft have given so much freedom to the player.

They have not let up on the graphics either judging by this game-play video. Very excited for the big reveal at E3 on 11/06/14 3pm. For more news from Ubisoft and all other news from E3. Keep yours peeled to Brutal Gamer.

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