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E3 2014: Crackdown ‘3’ is Official

Crackdown 3 is official and is coming to Xbox One in the near future. No release date has been set for Dave Jones’ new episode in the Crackdown series but it’s expected to release in 2015. Note it was announced as ‘Crackdown’ but no doubt it will presumably adopt the name ‘Crackdown 3’ by fans. Crackdown 3 is powered by what Microsoft described as an ‘ army of dedicated servers’ and high expectations have been  set on the multiplayer experience. The final feature that was hinted at in the CG trailer was the destructible environment that the player is situated in. Adding this environment and the multiplayer experience, Crackdown 3 is being set up to be and instant classic on Xbox One. Let’s hope.

The Original Crackdown

Fans of this comic art style title have been waiting 4 years for a new game in the series and it’s been 7 years since the developer of the original ‘Crackdown’ game was in charge. The original developing team has returned, mainly due to the disaster that was Crackdown 2. In fact, let’s forget that ever happened.

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