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Dark Cybertron is coming to IDW’s Transformers books

The Autobots, and even what’s left of the Decepticons, might have thought war was behind them- but nobody told Shockwave that peacetime was here to stay.

The war between the AUTOBOTS and DECEPTICONS is over—but when the relentless SHOCKWAVE enacts a scheme millions of years in the making, yesterday’s nightmares tear apart today’s peace. “OPTIMUS PRIME, RODIMUS, BUMBLEBEE, even STARSCREAM—all these characters believed war was behind them, for better or worse,” says Barber. “The big question—other than who will survive—is whose side will the DECEPTICONS be on?”

Dark Cybertron is the first major crossover event to hit IDW’s pair of Transformers comics; Robots In Disguise and More Than Meets The Eye. With both of those series’ involved and a standalone Dark Cybertron book kicking things off, this is one 12 part event that fans of the larger Transformers G1 Universe won’t want to miss out on.

Written by John Barber and James Roberts with art by Andrew Griffith and Phil Jimenez, Dark Cybertron is the reflection of all three men’s minds. Particularly for Jimenez, working on a story like this was a dream come true for the longtime Transformers fan; “…and this was a fanboy dream come true. The beauty of this story is it plays to the strengths of the characters and to my strengths as a storyteller; epic, world-shattering scale as well as those beautiful character moments that make readers care about a bunch of giant ‘Robots in Disguise.’”

Also very cool is that the Transformers Generations toy line (which just might be the best Transformers toy series ever produced) will include special Dark Cybertron comics packed in with select figures in the near future. The mini-comics will see inclusion in with the toys shortly after they’ve seen initial printing and distribution to comic shops from IDW.

It’s a move that’s intended to give a little something extra to fans and introduce a whole new group of readers to IDW’s expanded Transformers Universe.

“TRANSFORMERS fans are some of the most loyal and dedicated—but many of them have never seen our comics,” says Barber. “Dark Cybertron will introduce these fans to the world of comics—and we can’t wait to bring these new readers into the fold.”

As a big fan of the fiction myself, more fans for Transformers sounds great. IDW’s been doing a great job with the franchise and both Robots in Disguise and More Than Meets the Eye are regular reads for me. Dark Cybertron is definitely set to join them when it drops into stores soon.

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