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Genesis: Battle of Champions Kickstarter: Everything So Far

The last stream of June, Edge of Exile Entertainment left us with a bombshell announcement: a new Kickstarter. In spite of some misgivings over the previous Genesis Kickstarter, their approach at least deserves attention.

Kickstart my deck

July 1st, they released a new promotional video with more details regarding the Kickstarter (including hard numbers on their goals), and there’s a lot to cover, so let’s get to it!

Genesis: Battle of Champions Kickstarter goes live on July 8th, you can click on this link and click on the Notify me on launch button if you want to know the moment it goes live!

There will be special discounts for any backers who pledge in the first 24 hours, so keep your eyes peeled as you scope out some of the add-on spoilers like All of the new MET champs on t-shirts on Imperial Pulls video, or our very own BrutalGamer.com preview of 2 versions of a new playmat.

(I’m partial to the horizontal one myself).

The Goals:

  • Primary Goal: 40k to begin printing Meta immediately
  • Stretch Goal 1 – 45k: Full art textless champs on back
  • Stretch Goal 1 – 50k: New and enhanced OP program with OP Points, with players now able to earn OP points by simply playing in events in their LGS. New OP points with be used for a variety of OP rewards, including qualifying for future events, and potentially earning byes.
  • Stretch Goal 1 – 60k: Brand new OP promo packs
  • Stretch Goal 1 – 70k: Every backer gets set of 10 special metal exert tokens
  • Stretch Goal 1 – 150k: TCG buy-in for TCGplayer.com

Lastly, we have a portion of the recent Press Release to share that highlights some of the wins Edge of Exile Entertainment has had since taking over the reigns:

“Having been available in stores since 2017, Genesis: Battle of Champions has been steadily growing its presence in the collectible card game market for years. After the game was purchased by Edge of Exile Entertainment in 2023, it has seen much growth under new leadership. New distribution partnerships have made it easier than ever before for game stores and players around the world to access Genesis: Battle of Champions products.

With this Kickstarter project we intend to elevate Genesis: Battle of Champions from its current status as a beloved independent game into a true market disruptor in the industry. Our unique blend of grid based tactical gameplay combined with the traditional booster pack collectible card game model has proven to be very successful in enticing new players to switch to our game for years.” said Jason Malott, President of Edge of Exile Entertainment.

Jason Malott, President of Edge of Exile Entertainment

I’m very curious to see the rest of the add-ons and full Tier details next week! Make sure to hop on the Genesis Discord or Facebook to discuss the Kickstarter and share your thoughts!

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