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Ghost Rider villain Vengeance returns this fall, and he’s hunting Riders

A new ongoing series starring Marvel Comics’ Ghost Riders will see the return of a villain not seen in years, Vengeance.

Fangs for the memories

Debuting back in the 90s, Vengeance was a kind of Venom to Ghost Rider’s Spider-Man. A villainous force hosted by a man who had a long history with the original GR, Vengeance was actually a NY cop called Michael Badilino. Badilino’s family was inadvertently killed by Johnny Blaze’s version of the Rider when he was just a kid, and when Danny Ketch took the reigns and rose up, he thought he was the same hellfire-wielding biker.

Of course, as fans know he definitely wasn’t, and eventually Badilino realized that. But by the time that happened, he had already made a deal to become an even more monstrous version of Ghost Rider called Vengeance. And now he’s coming back.

Not seen in years, Vengeance was last seen as a semi-hero, but that’s not the role he’ll be taking up for this fall’s Spirits of Vengeance #1. From writer Sabir Pirzada, it sounds like fans should expect a rotating crew of artists for the book, which will be starting with Sean Damien Hill.

It also sounds like fans can expect a rotating crew of Riders, as Vengeance goes after anyone who’s ever held the title.

JOHNNY BLAZE! DANNY KETCH! ROBBIE REYES! THE HOOD! KUSHALA! Many have borne the title Spirit of Vengeance and as its most recent claimant has embarked on its final ride to explosive results, others still stir in the darker corners of the Marvel Universe! And one, in particular, has a stronger connection to two Ghost Riders than the rest, and after years, it’s ready to show its fangs again at last…

“It’s finally time for Michael Badilino to make his long-awaited return as Vengeance, aided by the likes of Johnny Blaze, Danny Ketch, and more,” Pirzada teased. “The bloody new era for the Spirits of Vengeance starts here — with a shocking ending you won’t see coming.”

Check out Kendrick Lim’s explosive main cover as well as variant cover by Declan Shalvey, and preorder SPIRITS OF VENGEANCE #1 at your local comic shop today! For more information, visit Marvel.com.

Marvel Comics press release

Look for Spirits of Vengeance #1 to start burning up the racks on September 18th.

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