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Star Wars Outlaws heads into Hutt territory for a fresh look, as Kay Vess looks for a hired gun

Star Wars Outlaws is heading to Tatooine, and probably a little trouble in the way of a certain “Hutt”, for the newest look at the game.

Have gun, will travel

Star Wars: Outlaws is not all that far off at this point, heading to launch later this summer, for consoles and PC. The title allows fans to slip into the shoes of Kay Vess, an outlaw (natch’) who often finds herself on the wrong end of things. That includes both Imperial blasters, and those of the various syndicates that operate in the underbelly of the Empire’s galaxy.

On top of all of that, the game will also be the first Star Wars title that can claim itself to be truly ‘open world’. Players will be able to explore various worlds in the famed galaxy, as well as take to the space ways for some flying and action-packed dogfighting.

At yesterday’s Ubisoft Forward event, Game Director Mathias Karlson (of Massive Entertainment) premiered a lengthy look at what play will entail. And so far, it’s looking pretty sharp.

Once on Tatooine, Kay enters a planet where most of the economy is under the control of a different syndicate: the Hutt Cartel. She explores Mos Eisley, the legendary hive of scum and villainy, in search of the gunslinger. Karlson says creating Mos Eisley was a highlight for the development team: “Recreating this iconic city is a dream come true for our team, allowing us to show parts of Mos Eisley you’ve never seen before.”

Kay’s intel leads to a Hutt Cartel storehouse located in the southern hills; unfortunately, she has a poor reputation with the Hutts. They won’t simply let her through the front door – she’ll need to infiltrate the area without triggering the alarm or risk getting into a confrontation. Kay succeeds and finds information on the location of the gunslinger, but now she needs to make her escape, leading her into a shootout before fleeing the scene. At the end of the video, Kay finally meets with the expert gunslinger, Sherriff Quint.

Ubisoft press release

Want another look?

Along with the above, Ubisoft launched two more video presentations, giving both an overview on the game’s action, and deep dive into the title’s lore. As you can imagine with a game like Outlaws, that latter one might be pretty packed, and it is.

First, here’s that overview:

Okay, so there was probably a bunch of stuff in there that you might’ve already known or guessed. But join Associate Narrative Director John Bjorling in the next one, and you’ll likely pick up some additional info. From the looks of it, Star Wars Outlaws will feature elements of the property’s lore from the prequels through the sequels. But don’t worry if you’re an Original Trilogy fan, as the entirety of the adventure takes place firmly within its era.

Ready to explore the galaxy? Star Wars Outlaws launches on August 30th, 2024. Look for it on the Xbox Series X|S, PS5, and PC. If you just can’t make it quite that long, you can pre-order the Gold Edition or Ultimate Edition, or sign up for the Ubisoft+ Premium subscription service to play a few days early. That’ll get you rolling on August 27th.

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