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Rocksmith+ gets ready to rock the PlayStation and PC this summer

It’s going to be a hard-rocking summertime for PlayStation and PC players, as Ubisoft’s Rocksmith+ heads to both platforms.

School of rock

Yep, Ubisoft’s own school of rock is back open, or at least it will be soon. That’ll be happening for both PlayStation platforms and the PC next month, as the publisher ports the popular guitar-learning title for a new generation of fans.

Not strictly a game, Ubi calls Rocksmith+ an “app”, and with good reason. Unlike with Guitar Hero and Rock Band, where the goal is solely moving onto the next in-game venue or song, Rocksmith+ has the goal of also actually teaching those who play it, to use a real life guitar.

Of course, to that end, this players will have to have a “real life guitar” (and it seems keyboards as well), but you get the drift. And you hopefully also get why this piece of software is so darned cool.

Rocksmith+ is the music-learning service with the most original recordings by artists, with an expanding song library covering genres from around the world. Recent additions include hit songs from top artists such as The Smashing Pumpkins, Incubus, Dream Theater, Kaleo, Disturbed, Laufey, and much more. Plus learn your favorite songs at your own pace with personalized real-time feedback and practice tools that you can control.

Rocksmith web page

Rady to rock? As mentioned in the trailer above, Rocksmith+ is available for wish-listing right now, and will be heading to PlayStation platforms and the PC on June 6th, 2024.

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