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Toy Fair 23: Super7 booth highlights include TMNT Turtle Van, metallized Silverhawks, Conan, GI Joe and much more

Is it safe to say that Super7 is one of the biggest names in pop culture today? If not, it’s definitely getting there, and NYTF was proof.

Woo that’s a lotta stuff

Think about the biggest and best-known licenses in entertainment. You know the ones, your GI Joe’s, your Thundercats, Disney, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and even the likes of Conan and Silverhawks. Now imagine a company that stocks all of those licenses, plus a ton more, and you’ve got Super7.

The California toy-company has absolutely exploded over the last decade, not only grabbing some of the biggest licenses, but also producing some of the coolest stuff with them. The Ultimates lines are probably the star of all of it, with incredible sculpting and variety, replicating classic cartoon aesthetics. But of course, as we mentioned above there’s a lot more to Super7 than just those fan-favorite figures.

We had the chance to talk to designer and company founder Brian Flynn at this past NY Toy Fair, as he walked us through a few of Super7’s premier lines. But before we get to all of that, let’s take a look at something pretty timely; Halloween Kids.

A line that’s based on the idea of classic children’s Halloween costumes, Halloween Kids is out and ready for order right now. It includes an assortment of carded figures with 5 points of articulation each, and each decked out in a pop culture-themed costume that looks like it came right out of the 70s/80s.

As Flynn pointed out to us, the series includes both widely known properties like the Metalluna Mutant and Misfits, as well as Super7’s own The Worst series of characters. The mix provides a fantastic depth for the line, for both those looking for nostalgia, and modern fans. Flynn also made a point to specially highlight the incredible detailing, because even with 5PoA, these are pretty special.

It might be tough to see in the pics, but each figure has a sculpted face mask, meaning the back of the kid’s head is fully sculpted too. That’s right, Super7 went deep on authenticity with these, as the figures don’t have ‘overhead masks’, and showcase exactly what fans would have popped out of those old cardboard boxes on October 31st.

Again the figures in the new line should be available right now, and each clocks in at about $20 USD retail.

Yo Joe

From spooky season fun, to a classic Real American Hero, our next line up is none other than G.I. Joe. And as toy lines and classic properties go, there are few hotter than this one right now. Keep in mind that Joe has no cartoon to back it up, or even series of movies, and yet there are multiple toy lines and video games on the horizon. Quite the rebirth for the iconic property.

Whereas Hasbro’s own line is focused on modern riffs and recreations of the 80s action figure line though, Super7 went in a completely different direction. Not only do the figures stand in with a larger scale (7″, which is standard for Ultimates) and have more accessories overall, but they seek to bring the cartoon designs to life for what’s really the first time.

So Duke looks every bit like the First Sergeant, as he appeared on TV screens back in 1985. And Snake-Eyes? He looks like the first time we see him in that same show, decked out in blue, with purple highlights to his sneaking suit. As you’ll see in the gallery below, we got a nice look at some stuff that’s in the works right now too, including stuff that’s still a ways out.

That includes the highly anticipated Crimson Guard, Major Bludd, Cover Girl, and a Joe staple with Roadblock.

Along with showing off the early-look stuff, we also asked Flynn about the possibility of more comic book designs. You may not be aware of it, but although Joe Ultimates focuses on cartoon accuracy right now, the line actually kicked off with an SDCC exclusive of the comics version of a Cobra BAT. And yes, according to Flynn, the comics may very well be revisited some time in the future. So if you’re a big fan (like this writer) hang in there and keep watching.

Also while G.I. Joe Ultimates were the stars of the license at the Super7 booth, they weren’t the only representatives. Right along with the Ultimates was the awesome SNAKE Armor, Super Cyborg figure. This really isn’t in scale with the Ultimates, but looks crazy cool. It also comes apart to a degree, and features not only a removable panel to reveal robotic innards, but a second one that fully reveals a Cobra Trooper pilot.

Oh yeah, and then there was the Cobra Mothership. As you can see above, it’s not only massive, but highly detailed. The pre-order phase will begin some time this month, we’re guessing at New York Comic Con, and it will have a fully detailed interior and be fully compatible with both the ReAction Joes (from Super7) and the classic Hasbro action figures.

Flynn told us that he wanted to recreate that incredible moment in the 80s TV series when the Mothership flies right at the screen in the opening, and from the looks of this thing Super7 has done just that.

One last note though, because we did ask Flynn if there was any chance for more vehicles in the ReAction line. According to him, that’s probably not in the cards, just for the fact that Hasbro has done so many over the years. Though if there’s something that’s escaped that company, we have to believe there might be a chance, especially if the Mothership does well. We’re crossing our fingers for a cartoon-accurate Pit.

Heroes in a halfshell

If the Joes are right at the top of Super7’s catalog, then Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles exists in another realm altogether. TMNT Ultimates was a line that took fans by storm, making just about the entirety of the base sit up, take notice, and start the pre-order train.

There’s good reason for that too, as the series has been fantastic for those who love and miss the iconic figures of the TMNT’s original heyday. Super7’s new designs pay homage to those toys nicely, but also introduce incredible scaling, plus levels of detail that just weren’t possible in a mass market line.

It’s fairly deep at this point too, and starting to branch out a little bit with new characters and sculpts that we’ve never seen before. Scroll down for a look at what’s coming soon, and some early looks at figures still in work, including the absolutely monstrous Guerrilla Gorilla.

Seriously, if you weren’t all-in on him, you might want to have another look at that.

How about that Donatello? Clad in his basketball uniform, Slam Dunkin’ Don was a figure that you might not have been too hot on, but look at those freaking accessories. Not only does he come with the hoop, but it’s assembled with his Bo staff. Just too darn cool. Along with him, note the scale on Robot Bebop and Rocksteady, as well as Wingnut. Monsters.

And speaking of “scale”, we can’t dip out of TMNT coverage without a look at the van. Finally done and ready to ship soon, the Party Wagon is looking just about as great as any fan could have hoped. Replete with detail and extra stuff that no version of the famous vehicle has had, there will also be a load of extras included.

See the stuff in those last two shots? That’s a mix of previously announced and ‘new’ stuff, all of which will be included in the box. Flynn tells us that it’s Super7’s way of saying ‘thanks’ to the fans for hanging in and patiently awaiting the Party Wagon’s arrival.


An in-house line for Super7 at this point, Silverhawks appeared in the booth in fine form. While the main series of Ultimates is rolling right now, and reflecting the various characters’ appearance from the cartoon, there’s a kinda/sorta sub-line that’s kicking off as well.

That, as you likely know at this point, features figures based on the classic Silverhawks retail line, which means metallic figures are indeed on the way. While they’re not actually metal (neither were the old ones), the effect is really impressive in-person.

We weren’t really sure if the figures would be a necessary addition to fans’ collections, but they’re admittedly pretty dang slick. Have a look.

Obviously more are on the way, given Super7’s history, but not til the Silverhawks team is done in the main line. As you can see in the gallery too, that’s something that’s coming up. Hotwing and Stargazer were in attendance at Toy Fair, albeit in unfinished form, along with the villainous Mumbo Jumbo and Molecular. All should along some time in early 2024.

The barbarian returns

While it might not be as big of a license as the likes of what you see above, the classic Arnold Schwarzenegger film Conan the Barbarian has had its own Ultimates line for a few years now. The biggest difference between it and the rest of what Super7 offers is that it’s been a somewhat scaled back collection. The waves have also fluctuated, containing both full four-figure series’ and smaller two figure sets.

Worth noting too, is that what you see here might be the final wave of these. Nothing has been announced just yet as to Conan the Destroyer, the original movie’s sequel.

In the gallery you’ll see three figures shown separately, but don’t forget about King Conan, pictured sitting atop his throne. The King is a part of the single-packed figures, so it’s a four piece wave, with the Throne of Aquillonia sold as a separate offering, similar to Mon Star’s throne in Silverhawks Ultimates.

Don’t forget the House of the Mouse too

Shifting gears somewhat radically, we move over to Super7’s Disney series’. The company has Ultimates there as well, but also works the license into the massive SuperSIze line. As you’ll see in the section yet to come, that’s a line that’s quietly become pretty incredible.

It’s Ultimates that takes all of the headlines, but SuperSize is stunning in both sculpt and deco, and looks incredible in person. It’s also pretty darn expensive across the board, but if you’re looking for a few spotlight, centerpieces for a Disney collection, it’s going to be tough to do better.

Getting back to Ultimates though (see?), Super7 had everything from Stitch to Jack Skellington on hand. As you’ll see below, the Nightmare Before Christmas figures are a little ways off still, but are looking like they might be the marquee line for the property. And yes, that’s saying something given what we’ve seen thus far.

And finally, we’re just not about to move out of our Disney coverage before we check out the ReAction figures for The Haunted Mansion. No, we’re not talking about the movie that released this past summer, these figures made to look like they are ripped right from the iconic ride at Disney parks.

The best of the rest

While the rest of the booth was absolutely chock full of stuff, we just couldn’t snap it all. So included here is a whole bunch more of what Super7 will have out some time soon(ish), that caught our eye. It’s a collection that runs the gamut from Sesame Street to Gremlins to Willy Wonka, to freaking Peanuts.

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