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Mattel and VeeFriends special Skeletor action figure 2-pack hits Mattel Creations on October 6th

Masters of the Universe fans are going to want to head to Mattel Creations this Friday, for a Skeletor-themed surprise.


So here’s a pretty cool surprise, brought to fans by way of Mattel and NFT company VeeFriends. Actually it might not be a surprise for you, since the news was released last week. We just missed it. So if you did too, then keep on reading to see what the two companies are cooking up.

And what that is isn’t a virtual anything either, even though VeeFriends is in on it. No, instead the new partnership will be bundling a Masters of the Universe Origins Skeletor figure with one of VeeFriends’ own characters, Skilled Skeleton. The pair are coming to Mattel Creations this Friday, and it’s looking like a pretty stocked box set.

Both characters will include multiple hands and accessories, and Skeletor will have a selection of portraits. Even cooler, it looks like all of those head sculpts are forged to reflect his classic animated incarnation. So you’re getting some vintage Filmation looks with this one.

Here are all the details:

  • Skilled Skeleton glows in the dark and comes with six swappable hands, removable hood, armor and a shareable VeeFriends flex chain.
  • Masters of the Universe Skeletor includes three swappable heads for his multiple moods, five swappable hands, Sword of Power, Havoc Staff, and hood and armor.
  • Both Skilled Skeleton and Skeletor’s heads are interchangeable. 
  • Each character in this special two-pack collaboration also has swappable “heart” and “rock” hands and 10-plus points of articulation. 
  • The figures are packaged in a custom box with sliding slipcovers and a mini-comic. 

VeeFriends press release

Again you can look for the Mattel x VeeFriends “Masters of the Universe Origins Skeletor & VeeFriends Skilled Skeleton 2-Pack” to hit Mattel Creations this Friday, October 6th, at 12 noon eastern time. It’ll be priced in at $45 USD.

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