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Take an almost 10 minute dig into the Hittite faction in the newest look at Total War: Pharaoh

Total War is about to break out in ancient Egypt, and the Hittites will be right there in the midst of the battle for the throne.

Hittem’ hard

The latest game in the Total War franchise from Sega and developer Creative Assembly, Total War: Pharaoh envelopes players in what’s essentially an Egyptian civil war. One of the factions set to battle it out as the Bronze Age comes to a close, is the Hittites.

Most people probably know that name, as it’s one that’s popped up plenty of times in ancient history, but Total War: Pharaoh will really get into the land of Hatti, and its concerns. Fielding this faction, players will be able to take the role of either the defensive-minded Hittite king Suppiluliuma, or “the Usurper” Kurunta.


  • Suppiluliuma, the Defender, was the last Great King of the Hittite Empire. He has but one aim and that is to rebuild and defend Hatti from insurgents both from within and outside of his borders. As such, he is a very defensive character, commanding legions of heavy and medium armoured units, including powerful chariots. What his armies lack in agility, they more than make up for in raw power. 
  • Kurunta, the Usurper, wants what his cousin values most – the throne of Hatti. He intends to grow in power, take the Hittite Empire for his own, and inflict misery upon those who would dare stand against him. Unbound by conscience and believing that warfare exists without rules, he seeks to exploit any given opportunity, enacting sabotage and subterfuge to exploit weakness outside of battle. Either join his new kingdom or be sacrificed in his glory. ​

Sega press release

Set to launch for the PC on October 11th, 2023, Total War: Pharaoh’s epic battles are coming up fast. There is a way to play even sooner than that though, as pre-ordering will get players entry into the game’s conflict starting this Friday, September 29th.

Dubbed the “Early Access Weekend”, the pre-order exclusive period will run though the 2nd of October, and give players 60 turns of strategic warfare. While engagements are limited to that number though, you can actually restart as many times as you’d like.

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