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Studio [2.21] is bringing back Twinsen’s Adventure and Odyssey for consoles and PC

A pair of classic’s are on the way for modern consoles and the PC, courtesy of Studio [2.21]. Twinsen’s Adventure and Odyssey are coming up in 2024.

Not that Odyssey

First released back in the 1990’s, Twinsen’s Adventure and Twinsen’s Odyssey were originally developed by Adeline Software International. They saw publication by Electronic Arts (Europe) and Activision, for both consoles and the PC.

You might have the feeling that Twinsen’s games were somewhat niche, but you’d kinda be wrong. The first game sold somewhere in the neighborhood of 500k copies, with followup Odyssey hitting 800k. Add to those digits another 200k in sales from the 2012 Steam re-release and you have some very solid numbers.

Now they’re both getting a second life, this time from Studio [2.21]. The two titles are getting the full overhaul treatment from the developer, which will include:

  • A complete graphical and technical rework: Each game will benefit from a graphical and technical overhaul with Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 5 and were rebuilt from scratch. They will enjoy improved animations, a better camera follow and visual high resolution to make the planet Twinsun worthy of a new generation. The artistic direction of the game has been attributed to Brazilian artist, Paulo Torinno.  
  • Entirely revamped controls: Analogic controls will allow a more subtle control over Twinsen. New abilities such as evading and the possibility to change weapons instantly will create new possibilities for players. The option to use original controls will be offered for gaming purists.  
  • Updated music: Thanks to the amazing work of composer Philippe Vachey, the original soundtrack of the game became an instant classic. 30 years later, it was more than time to re-enchant the game with remastered versions of the soundtracks for both games.  

Look for both Twinsen’s Adventure and Twinsen’s Odyssey to hit the PC some time in 2024. You’ll be able to try out the first of those though, much sooner, when Steam’s next Next Fest kicks off. Twinsen’s Adventure will be available as a special demo during that, which will be June 19-26, 2023.

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