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New Resident Evil 4 info lurches out of today’s State of Play

Sony held a State of Play even today that just wrapped up, and it was loaded with Capcom goodness, including plenty on Resident Evil 4’s remake.

Terror cubed

Did Resident Evil 4 really need a remake? I think that line of thinking kind of went back and forth for a while, and more than a handful of fans would probably have said ‘no’ as of yesterday. After today’s State of Play though, things might be a little different.

The remade sequel had a few little tidbits spin out of today’s Sony State of Play event, including the reveal of a demo, deluxe edition, and some DLC. But before we get to that, here’s a fresh trailer.

During their harrowing escape from a small European village in thrall to Las Plagas, Leon and his ward Ashley Graham must navigate multiple environments controlled by the cult of Los Iluminados. Across a sprawling castle, dilapidated mines, and more, they encounter even more infected villagers, deranged cultists, and insidious enemies empowered by the Las Plagas parasite. Leon and Ashley must navigate these foes while also deciphering the arcane designs of the hidden mechanisms, esoteric puzzles, and tantalizing secrets. The duo’s path to safety also intersects with the calculating special forces operative Major Jack Krauser.

Capcom press release

Excited yet?

Well if you are that’s good, because as mentioned, there’s more. Capcom revealed that RE4 will have some DLC this time around, as the downloadable content train will start a-rolling immediately after launch. Fans will be able to grab a new mode via download, in the form of… The Mercenaries. The loved/hated gameplay mode will be available for everyone who owns the base game, though there’s no date as of yet announced for it. Capcom simply says it’ll arrive “post-launch”.

Again though, there’s more as a demo will also be seeing release. Much like with The Mercenaries though, there’s no actual date for it, just word that it’ll be arriving before the game does. But one thing we do have quite a lot of info for, is the Deluxe Edition.

Landing along with the standard version of RE4, the Deluxe will offer up “additional in-game content, including costumes, weapons, a treasure map, and more”. Additionally, there are some pre-order bonuses to mention. Those who pre-order will get the ““Attaché Case: Gold” and “Special Charm: Handgun Ammo,” while pre-orders of the Deluxe Edition also include the “Attaché Case: Classic” and “Special Charm: Green Herb” items”. While they might not sound all that special, Capcom says equipping the above items will result in “specific in-game abilities” for Leon.

Resident Evil 4 will arrive on consoles and the PC on March 24th.

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