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The world of Morbid expands with “Horrorpunk” adventure The Lords of Ire

Just announced today, Merge Games and developer Still Running are bringing the Lovecraftian world of Morbid back in a fresh form.

From isometric to third-person

If you played the original Morbid title, The Seven Acolytes, then you are in for a little bit of a shakeup with its sequel, The Lords of Ire. That’s because, when players last took control of Striver of Dibrom, they were battling the vile forces of cosmic terror in an isometric world.

Morbid: The Lords of Ire hangs onto the Lovecraftian themes of that original, but this sequel looks almost completely different. And that’s thanks to the new 3D perspective on the action, as the game’s universe is reforged into a third-person perspective.

Players will re-join their hero, the Striver of Dibrom, to slay and scavenge their way through a tortured world of vile creatures where you are the underdog. 

Featuring an improved version of the Sanity System from the prequel, experience a dynamic adventure that bends and shapes around your actions. 

Merge Games press release

Morbid: The Lords of Ire will serve up 5 different worlds to play through, each one filled with loot, weapons, side-quests, and secrets. On top of monster-slaying action, players can also expect both a blessing and progression system.

The former will allow unique builds for the main hero, while the latter will offer up “skills and abilities as you level up your striver”. And if the game couldn’t get any deeper, you’ll also have the ability to enhance both the Striver and their weaponry with Runes. So there’s quite a bit to this one, aside from the strategic hacking and slashing.

Morbid: The Lords of Ire will be coming to the PC (via Steam) some time this year. You can wishlist it here.

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