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Hasbro’s Sun Moon Rising brings astrology to the tabletop

You don’t normally associate astrology with party games, but Hasbro is set to change that notion. Sun Moon Rising looks to bring the stars home.

I see it in the stars

It might be hard to believe, but astrology used to be considered a science. The semi-precursor to modern astronomy, astrology has since changed into something entirely different, with more of a paranormal tag than anything else.

But now thanks to two college students named Emily and Priya, toy and game company Hasbro is looking to take it just a little more mainstream. Don’t worry though, because Sun Moon Rising isn’t as creepy as a Ouija board, and it sounds like it might just the be hit of your next party.

The rules are simple, and center on the question of does “your sign know you better than your friends do”? The 3-6 players basically select cards, with each one telling something about the participating player’s astrological sign. It’s then up to the rest of the group to guess whether this statement is real or not.

The Sun Moon Rising astrology game includes 300 double-sided cards with 50 statements tailored to each zodiac sign. This party card game for adults and teens 13 and up is fabulous for get-togethers and girls’ nights out. It’s a fantastic card game for game night and makes a fun group game for vacations, ski trips, bachelorette parties, and more!

Hasbro press release

Sound like fun? Well if so, you’re in luck. Sun Moon Rising is out right now and can be picked up via Amazon. It’s priced in at $21.99 USD.

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