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The Chant talks keeping a balance in new gameplay video

Upcoming horror title The Chant might take place at a retreat center gone bad, but you’ll actually have to keep a Mind, Body and Spirit balance to play.


If you haven’t been following along with the development of The Chant, you’ve been missing out. Not only does the horror title look great, but it has a terrific theme to it, as it plays off of the real-world ‘retreat’ craze.

Set on a remote island called Glory, The Chant is set in a spiritual retreat, but it’s one where things haven’t gone according to plan. The years that the cult has spent there has opened a rift to a world of cosmic horror that players must escape from.

Right there with the theme too, is the “Mind, Body, and Spirit” gameplay system. Basically that shakes out to mean that The Chant features a ‘choice’ system, where players will have to decide how they want to engage in situations. That includes running, as balancing “resources, spiritual weapons, and abilities against the creatures and cultists that emerge from The Gloom” will be a big part of the action.

“This Gameplay Video explains how we’ve combined survival, action, and exploration mechanics to create a distinct cult cosmic horror experience. As we walk you through some different areas of Glory Island, discover how the Mind, Body, and Spirit system impacts both the moment to moment action and how the story unfolds”

Mike Skupa, Creative Director

From developer Brass Token and Prime Matter, The Chant hits the Xbox Series X|S, PS5, and PC on November 3rd.

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