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Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed dated, haunting platforms this October

Just in time for Halloween, comes the asymmetrical multiplayer of Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed. Pre-orders are open right now.

Perfect season for it

Is there a better time for a new Ghostbusters game than Halloween? Yeah, not really, and Spirits Unleashed is not only looking like it might be one heck of a good time, but also like it’s a continuation of the movies’ timeline.

Players have a choice between two distinct roles in the new game, on opposing sides of a multiplayer battle. The first, and probably the most popular, is that they can take up the role of a new ‘Buster. Joining with up to three other players, fans can hunt down pesky poltergeists in a series of locales.

But on the flip side, someone will be cast as the ghost itself. And if that’s you, you’ll have a whole series of haunting tricks to pull as you try to expand the Global Haunt.

Here’s a more detailed rundown:

Form a team with up to three other Ghostbusters to track down Ghosts haunting a number of locales. Sniff out paranormal activity with the P.K.E. Meter and charge it to unleash a short-range pulse disabling Ghost movement. Unveil hidden rifts acting as the Ghost’s spawn points and teleportation portals, and destroy them. Use the powerful Particle Throwers to capture the Ghost, deploy a trap, and wrangle them into it before they escape! 

Meanwhile, the Ghost works alone, roaming around stages like the Museum, an abandoned Prison, and other spooky locations, including a new one to be revealed at Gamescom. Frighten civilians to scare them away. Possess objects to raise the overall Global Haunt percentage, to regain ghost power, or just cause mass hysteria. Use slime to temporarily stun Ghostbusters. Move the rifts to keep them guessing, summon minions to make an escape, and show the Ghostbusters they should be afraid of this Ghost!

IllFonic press release

As mentioned, pre-orders have started up as of today for Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed, with the game set to arrive for Xbox and PlayStation platforms, as well as the PC. Once again too, it’ll be launching right in time for the most spooktacular time of the year, on October 18th.

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