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The first of McFarlane’s WH40K Darktide figures is ready for pre-order

With a November release date, Warhammer 40K: Darktide is still little ways off, but you can secure the Ogryn for your 40K figure collection right now.


A multiplayer-centric FPS from Fatshark, Warhammer 40K: Darktide has taken a while getting to retail shelves. Nonetheless, the shooter is finally coming up, and in the not too distant future. Surprisingly too, McFarlane Toys is jumping right on the train with a lineup of action figures.

Expanding the company’s already existing WH40K series, the new Darktide figures will feature a few firsts. For one thing, fans will be getting Imperial Guardsmen. And for another, there’s an Ogryn.

A race of effectively giants, the Ogryn are a part of the Imperium, and serve as muscle for the game’s playable Guard faction. McFarlane’s adaptation of the species will be equally beefy, and in the 7″ scale, so expect him to stand in at about 8 and 1/2″ tall.

As DC Comics fans know well too (see Manbat, Clayface, and others), the size doesn’t mean a monster-cut to articulation. In fact, the Ogryn will sport 22 points, meaning he’ll be right in line with the 7″ figures that make up the rest of the series.

And as mentioned, he’s ready for pre-order. Or, actually, ‘they’re’ ready. Along with the Ogryn, McFarlane will have a grayed-out Artist’s Proof figure hitting alongside. These are meant to be paintable versions of the more ‘complete’ releases, and in the case of the Ogryn, it’s the company’s biggest AP fig yet.

Both of the above are priced in at $39.99 USD, and are expected to arrive this October. You can pre-order them for yourself here with our sponsor at Entertainment Earth, along with a bevy of other 40K offerings.

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