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The bizarre world of Tzeentch features in the latest look at Total War: Warhammer III

One of the four daemon-lords in Warhammer’s Olde World, the winged Tzeentch looks to feature into Total War: Warhammer III in a big way.

Pink and blue

Chaos plagues the Olde World once again in Total War: Warhammer III from Creative Assembly and Sega. The real-time strategy war-game is set to deliver a third go-around, and it might be its best-looking one yet.

It’s hard not to think that, after watching the new trailer for the game. It shows off the realm of Tzeentch, which is basically the central hub of magic in the Warhammer universe. That plays right into the game’s combat too, as using more magic in a battle will actually enhance the overall selection of magical powers his thralls can access.

As you’ll see in the trailer below, those legions are anything but mundane. Tzeentch will field some wild armies in this game, including both ground-based and airborne units.

On top of the sheer eye-candy of all the color in that trailer, as well as the insane looking units, you might’ve also noticed Kairos Fateweaver. He’s the two-headed, birdlike sorcerer, and can “twist destiny” via his evil powers. He also can wield the Staff of Tomorrow, a power that allows “him to effortlessly channel a terrifying mix of the most devastating spells in existence, including those from the new Lore of Tzeentch”

The daemon lord’s forces should be a force to be reckoned with, when Total War: Warhammer III hits the PC some time in 2022.

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