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Apocalypse’s Horsemen ride again in X-Men Legends #11

Marvel’s retro-themed X-Men Legends series is bringing back villain Apocalypse’s Horsemen, for a story from Louise and Walt Simonson.

I am the Apocalypse

For those not following this series, X-Men Legends is a book aimed squarely at fans of classic X-Men stuff. Since its launch, it’s been packed with trips through iconic eras, and loaded up with classic characters… and creative teams.

Cover from Walter Simonson

Some of the best X-creatives ever have worked on the series, and that includes the legendary team of Wal and Louise Simsonson. The husband and wife pair are as beloved as any other X-team, and now they’re back for a story that harkens back to Louise’s original New Mutants run.

Even better, it focuses on the character that just might be the writer’s greatest creation – Apocalypse.

The search for Apocalypse’s next horseman is on and where better to look than amongst the next generation of mutantkind? Catch up with some old friends — like Sunspot, Cannonball, Wolfsbane, Dani Moonstar, Boom-Boom, Rictor and more — as Caliban leads Pestilence and War, the remaining horsemen of Apocalypse, in a hunt for new blood to join their ranks! Witness this never-before-seen link between the New Mutants and Apocalypse in the latest revelatory X-MEN LEGENDS adventure on January 26!

Marvel Comics

X-Men Legends #11 hits stands on January 26th. Stay tuned for what should be another good one in February too, with Chris Claremont’s return to the IP.

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