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EPOS launches versatile new headset, the H3 Hybrid

What are you looking for in a gaming headset/headphone? Chances are, whatever it is can be found in EPOS’ newest, the brand new H3 Hybrid.

Master of all

If you’re the kind of gamer who’s got multiple consoles, a PC that you game on, and maybe a mobile device that you like to listen to tunes on, then you likely have a few different headsets hanging around.

Well, you might not need that glut much longer, if you dig what EPOS is offering up. The premium hardware brand has a brand new piece of gear up for purchase, and it looks like it should play nicely with just about anything.

The H3 Hybrid Gaming Headset is all about versatility. It has both wired and wireless functionality, as well as a removable boom mic arm. Add to that, that the H3 can take calls (via a mic in the ear cup), and can connect to basically anything. According to EPOS, that includes “PC, Mac®, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4™, PS5™, Nintendo Switch™ and Bluetooth® compatible devices”. So you should be good to go, no matter what you’re playing on.

Here are some of the finer points:

  • Long Lasting Battery Life with Bluetooth® – A single charge provides up to 37 hours of Bluetooth® audio and up to 24 hours when playing on a 3.5 mm console cable connection. Dual connectivity (3.5 mm cable and Bluetooth®) provides up to 19 hours of play.
  • Simultaneous Bluetooth® Connection for Audio Mixing – When paired with a smartphone via Bluetooth®, simultaneous connectivity allows players to chat with friends using their favorite third-party app while gaming on their preferred platform via USB or 3.5 mm cable. Separate intuitive volume control enables players to balance each audio stream.
  • Convenient Magnetic Detachable Boom Arm – Gamers can easily detach and reattach the microphone with a magnetic connection in the boom arm. When the boom arm is removed, a cover plate protects the connectors and keeps the H3 Hybrid’s sleek, seamless look.
  • Dual Microphones – The H3 Hybrid includes a secondary microphone in the ear cup that allows gamers to pick up calls when wearing the headset on-the-go without the main boom arm microphone attached to the headset.
  • Multiple Connection Options – The H3 Hybrid allows for multiple connection options with included USB cable for PC, 3.5 mm cables for consoles and Bluetooth® for mobile devices
  • EPOS Gaming Suite – When connected to a PC through USB, players can download the EPOS Gaming Suite to unlock 7.1 surround sound and tailor audio and microphone preferences

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