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Factory Entertainment announces new Star Trek phaser

Trek collectors have a brand new collection-centerpiece courtesy of Factory Entertainment. The Type-1 Phaser Prop is coming up next spring.

Set phasers to stun

If you’re a Star Trek: The Next Generation fan, this one’s pretty darn tempting. Launching next year from Factory Entertainment, the Type-1 phaser prop replica is pretty much everything and anything that you might want it to be.

As seen in a whole bunch of early STTNG episodes, this replica looks to be an exact match to the on-screen prop. Actually though, I should probably add some plurals to the wording above since there are a pair of props inbound.

The reason for that? Season 1 of the famous sci-fi show had a somewhat different looking design to the weapon.

During their long tenure, many different Cricket phaser props were made. These ranged from fairly primitive non-functioning ‘stunt’ props to quite elaborate ‘hero’ props with functioning electronics. As is normal for productions, a number of modifications and changes were made to the different props over the course of time. This replica has been designed to capture the best elements of all of the variants in a single blended execution. 

Factory Entertainment

No matter which version you pick, you’re going to get something cool. Both variations contain lights and sounds, right from the show, and even include something called the “Crusher” mode. That being a special effect seen only in the episode “The Game”.

The standard price tag for the Type-1 will be $299.99 USD, though if you buy direct from Factory you can nab one for $274.99. That’s something that you can do right here.

If you’d like to check out the season 1 variant, that’s right here, and is priced in at a bit more than the above. The variant will be $349.99 USD, and is extremely limited in availability, with only 200 pieces.

Both pieces will ship out in the spring of ’22.

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