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Planet Zoo welcomes in an Africa Pack-full of animals

Zoo simulator Planet Zoo is growing this week, with the Africa Pack. The new DLC expansion includes Meerkats, Fox’, Penguins, and more.

Just make sure to feed ’em

One of the best looking park sims in a while, Planet Zoo from Frontier Developments has just gotten quite a bit bigger. That expansion comes in the form of the Africa Pack, a jumbo dose of fresh content for the game.

Included is a whole herd of new animals to tend, and enclosures to build, along with new architecture and more.

Look good? Ready to gets started on your zoo-dreams? Well, you might be in the market for some advice then. Fortunately, Frontier has also sent along a list of some things that would-be animal-tenders should know before then get going.

Scroll down for those tips, and make sure to check out Planet Zoo: Africa Pack, out now on the PC via Steam.

Master Meerkat care

Meerkats love to dig, and their sociable colonies can grow to include up to 30 animals. Their space requirements aren’t huge, but be sure to make plenty of sand and soil available in their enclosure so they’ll feel at home. You can also keep your Meerkats amused using the tunnel and bubble machine enrichments.

Perfect your Penguin enclosure

The African Penguin is another animal that doesn’t require too much space, but with the potential for their population to grow to huge numbers, you may need to give them some extra room! Their new curio ball enrichment item is sure to keep them busy. And don’t worry – the African Penguin is used to warm temperatures, so you won’t need to provide snowy terrain!

Keep your Fennec Foxes happy

The playful Fennec Fox is another small mammal zookeepers should easily be able to make space for. To ensure these bright-eyed, big eared animals are kept entertained, use enrichment items like the tennis ball and provide plenty of sand to play in.

Make way for the Southern White Rhino

While most of the animals in the Africa Pack have fairly low space requirements, the majestic Southern White Rhino bucks the trend. While they tend to spend time in small herds, they cover a huge amount of ground. Make sure enclosures are large and varied, using mud baths, sprinklers, herb planters and more to keep things interesting.

Don’t forget about the Sacred Scarab Beetle

Sacred Scarab Beetles, while technically pretty low maintenance, can still benefit from some care and attention. Make sure the temperature and humidity are just right to manage their welfare, so your busy beetles can focus all their energy on rolling their dung balls around the exhibit!

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