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Farming Simulator 22 Cinematic Trailer – Sow Your Wild Oats This November

Now with sorghum!

Till the cows come home

Yesterday, Giants Software released a new trailer for the 22nd game in its Farming Simulator series. What might as well be the Call of Duty of virtual agriculture, the Farming Simulator franchise has sold over 25 million copies among its iterations. Including 90 million downloads on mobile, it’s safe to say the series is popular amongst its player base. According to a press release from Giants Software, this version features new crops to harvest like grapes and olives, grains like sorghum, and brand new tractors and mac trucks.

Ready to harvest: grapes, olives and sorghum Digital farmers can now plant and harvest grapes for delicious fruit juice or olives for quality olive oil. All thanks to the new supply chain feature. Sorghum, a new type of grain, has also been added to the available crops. With new crops, of course, you also need new machines. The New Holland Braud 9070L grape harvester is one of the newly available machines in Farming Simulator 22.

All Farming Simulator 22 pre-orders come with the CLAAS XERION SADDLE TRAC Pack including the CLAAS XERION 4200 SADDLE TRAC plus four additional machines from KAWECO. More Farming Simulator 22 details will be revealed at FarmCon (July 21-23). – Giants Software

Digital farmers can look to wiping the sweat from their brows on November 22nd, 2021 on all platforms.

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