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Paramount Pictures’ GI Joe reboot presents a very different look at Snake Eyes

Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins is set to debut next month, and when it does it’s set to bring a very different version of the title character to the big screen.

Ninja yes, but commando?

We don’t know a lot about Snake Eyes’ plot, given that the first trailer was pretty much all action. Today’s trailer #2 is the same, with Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow both included, along with The Baroness and a ton of martial arts combat. It honestly looks pretty cool, but as a longtime Joe superfan, I’m still wondering about some of the finer points.

For one thing, this film radically changes Snake’s look. Not the end of the world, since that’s pretty typical when a comic cartoon becomes a big budget movie. I was more concerned about if it changed his nationality, though it certainly seems as though it doesn’t, and Snake is still an American. That’s one of the major points to the original IP’s canon, as is the fact that he’s an actual commando.

From this new look at the film, it sure seems as though that part is not the case. He can definitely fight, bushes a far cry from the unbeatable Batman-like warrior we all know. Oh and Snake works in a fish market apparently, with some shady pals.

Still, he could definitely have a military background that we just haven’t seen yet. And this whole movie has a definite “Batman Begins” feel to it. So all of this might just be setting up the version of the character that fans want to see.

Also notable in this new trailer is the mention of Cobra, which has an ominous feel. It seems like the introduction to the terrorist group is being approached slowly, which could work well. There’s also a glimpse of what looks like proto-Vipers, and plenty of Baroness and Scarlett. So in intro to the Joe team might be present as well.

Have a look:

Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins hits the big screen on July 23rd.

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