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New Batman and Superman comics to bring movie-universes back to life

Following up on DC’s Wonder Woman book from a while back, Batman ’89 and Superman ’78 are set to revive both famed movie universes.


When you think about superhero movies that truly set the stage for adaptations, the ones that became icons, it’s tough not to focus on the DC Comics classics of 1978 and 1989. Of course, those are Superman and Batman respectively. Both of those films created lasting impressions of their titles heroes, impressions still have a lasting impact today.

While both of those film’s universes are no longer in existence when it comes to the movies (sorta), DC will be delving back into the pair of them on the printed page. That new initiative will come in the form of Superman ’78 and Batman ’89.

In the same vein as the Wonder Woman ’77 book, these new comics will broaden the properties that they’re based on, telling new tales. The Superman will be “inspired” by director Richard Donner’s take on the Man of Steel, while the Batman book will actually pick up on storylines that never got the chance to be completed from Tim Burton’s movies. Yes, that means Robin, the return of Catwoman, and Two-Face.

Industry vet Robert Venditti will be handling the writing assignment on Superman ’78, together with artist Wilfredo Torres. The Bat-book will be a little different as screenwriter Sam Hamm will be penning that one, alongside the pencils of Joe Quinones.

Both of the above will debut digitally first, with 6 chapters apiece on July 27th. You can expect to see a new chapter every week thereafter, for 6 weeks. Not to worry if you prefer physical comics though, as the combined 12 chapters (each) will be run as 6 print comics that will appear on stands this July through October.

Then there will also be hardcover graphic novelizations, for those who prefer a collected presentation. Look for those in October.

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