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At Games’ Legends Core console packs 100 games for $59.99

At Games is expanding its lineup of gaming systems once again, this time with the Legends Core. The little console offers 100 games and streaming.

Plug and play

If you’re at all familiar with At Games, then you know that they’re not too shy about announcing new consoles. The manufacturer has a whole mess of them out there, and have been at it for years.

Their latest lineup might be their best yet, with the Legends series. Under that banner, units run the gamut from full-on arcade stand-ups with loads of accessories, to TV-connected mini-consoles. It’s the latter category that today’s announcement falls under, with the Legends Core.

The Legends Core is a tiny little puck-shaped device that plugs right into your TV. On it, are 100 built-in games, which include both classic console and arcade titles.

Click here to check out the full games list, but expect stuff like Operation Wolf, Bubble Bobble, Burger Time, and the SNES’ Star Wars side-scrollers. There are some little known titles in there to be sure, but there’s a good deal of bigger names too. But that’s not all either.

The console can also access ArcadeNet. That’s a “subscription library” offered by At Games, which can add additional titles to the Legends Core. Want even more? Well if you have a gaming PC, the little At Games unit can stream your stuff right to your TV as well. Good stuff for $59.99 USD.

The Legends Core is available right now. Check out the full line here.

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