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Evil Dead: The Game brings Ash back for series-spanning multiplayer

One all-encompassing Evil Dead game was just announced by Saber Interactive and Boss Team Games. And yes, it’s got Bruce Campbell.

Good, bad, I’m the guy with the gun

Probably still considered a cult classic, Evil Dead is as big of a “cult classic” as you’re likely to find. The series started off as a low budget horror affair, before growing by leaps and bounds to become a near-perfect blend of horror, action, and comedy. And all of it of course, was built around one of the most memorable ‘horror’ heroes of all time – Ash, played by actor Bruce Campbell.

Well, despite seemingly vanishing at the close of the Ash vs Evil Dead TV show, the main man is back once again. This time it’s in video game form, though once again Campbell will be playing the part.

“I’m excited to be strapping on the chainsaw one more time,” said Bruce Campbell, who has given life to Ashley J. Williams across multiple films and the recent STARZ original “Ash vs Evil Dead” television series. “Boss Team and Saber Interactive are planning a huge immersive dealio, and I knew I had to come back. You’ll be able to step into my shoes and kick some Deadite ass!”

Bruce Campbell

A witches brew of PvP and co-op

It’s a little tough to tell from that trailer, but Evil Dead: The Game will indeed span the series. You’ll find characters and locations in the game from the original movie, all the way through the aforementioned TV show.

But this isn’t a narrative-driven affair. Evil Dead: The Game is a multiplayer title that specializes in asymmetric play. One player will be cast as a Kandarian Demon, with the rest playing as “survivors”.

Work together as a team of four survivors, exploring, looting, crafting, managing your fear, and finding key artifacts to seal the breach between worlds. Or take control of the powerful Kandarian Demon to hunt Ash and his friends while possessing Deadites, the environment, and even the survivors themselves as you seek to swallow their souls!

Plenty of surprises await in this gore-filled battle against evil that captures the characters, horror, humor, and action from the franchise. Battle across memorable locations including the infamous cabin in the woods, brought to life with tons of terrifying visuals and all-new dialogue from Bruce Campbell. Discover more than 25 weapons, including Ash’s Gauntlet, Boomstick, and chainsaw, and advance in a variety of skill trees to grow stronger and survive in this fun co-op and PvP experience.

Saber Interactive

Evil Dead: The Game is set to hit the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC, and Switch, but there’s no release date just yet. Stay tuned for lots more.

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