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Christopher Priest brings USAgent back in new series

On sale right now, USAgent #1 sees the Captain America stand-in return for a new run from a familiar writer – Christopher Priest.


More modern Marvel Comics fans might not immediately recognize USAgent. Or, at the very least, they might not have a good grasp of exactly who he is. That however, is most definitely not the case if you’re a fan from the 80s or 90s. And that’s because USAgent was a pretty big deal at that time.

Originally a Captain America stand-in when Steve Rogers abandoned the role, John Walker became pretty darn popular. In the press release, Marvel describes him as the “Super-Soldier you love to hate”, but I remember USAgent being a heck of a lot more loved than hated.

A rougher and more dangerous version of the Star-Spangled Avenger, Agent eventually went on to be included in the West Coast Avengers, and a whole bunch of other stories. Though, as happens, he eventually drifted into relative obscurity.

Till now, that is. Fan-Favorite writer Christopher Priest is taking the hero on a brand new journey, one that finds the Agent with a new mission, a new costume, and a new partner.

From the press release:

U.S.Agent, the Super-Soldier you love to hate is back in an all-new series by writer Christopher Priest and artist George Jeanty! When John Walker is stripped of his official status as U.S.Agent, the former Super Patriot goes independent and gets caught up in a conflict between a small town and the corporate giant trying to destroy it. With a brand-new partner and a dangerous new enemy, Walker’s mission will force the unconventional “super hero” to confront hard-hitting questions about himself and the nation he serves. This journey of self-discovery will dive into the character’s past and set U.S.Agent on course for an exciting new place in the Marvel Universe.

Marvel Comics press release

And here’s an interview with Priest, in which he talks about the new book and the direction that Walker is heading:

Featuring art from George Jeanty, U.S.Agent #1 is out now, with issue 2 coming up on December 23rd.

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