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DC FanDome: The Batman teaser trailer

If you missed it over the weekend, Warner Bros. and DC shared the first look at director Matt Reeves’ The Batman in action.

I’m vengeance

While some might still not be sold on actor Robert Pattinson as the Dark Knight, this teaser trailer might just change some minds. Released as a part of the DC FanDome event on Saturday, it’s looking sharp and showcases a brutal Bat, as he takes on The Riddler.

A few things. For starters, no this isn’t set in the ’90s. I had heard that rumor too, and had thought that The Batman was a prequel to the DCEU. But it clearly isn’t. Actually, it’s set in in a DC Universe that is not a part of the shared film ‘verse at all. It’s very much it’s own thing.

But even so, The Batman is set to spin into it’s own connected-universe by way of an HBO TV series that’ll be based on the GCPD. That will take place one year before the film.

Now, since the movie stars a much younger and more inexperienced Bruce Wayne, you might think that there’d be no chance to see Batman on that show. Reeves however, has said that the movie is a ‘year 2’. So if that’s the case, and the GCPD show takes place one year prior… well fill in the blanks. There’s a possibility, is all I’m saying.

For now though, check out the first trailer for The Batman (and keep an eye out for a possible Hush sighting).

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